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Recent posts by Bryan Baker

Thanks Nicole!

It's interesting to me you posted a link to Well Trained Mind.  That's the homeschool curriculum I'm looking into.  I've read one of Susan Wise Bauer's book, and went through one of the phonic's book she recommends to help me become a better reader  We've been using this book with our chlidren ever since school shut down in March with our to help with reading and spelling.  My children are pretty avid readers.  We taught them early, both started reading by 4 1/2, and they haven't stopped since.  

6 months ago
Thanks For the reply!!  I'm checking out your links. We have a 8 year old girl & a 6 year old boy
6 months ago
Hi Permies!

My wife and I are looking for homeschooling curriculum. Any here permies land have good ideas for curriculum?

I’ve looked into classical education programs, but I’d like to explore a lot me options.

6 months ago

Hi Permies,

Many Moons ago I think I heard Geoff Lawton on a podcast say something about how we can use leaf patterns to recognize dynamic accumulators. I live near Vegas (Zone 9a), and I’m looking to start a permaculture project in my backyard.  I saw plant and I thought Geoff mentioned a plant that has this kind of leaf patterns might be a nitrogen fixer. The plant is a Red Bird of Paradise (Caesalpinia pulcherrima).  Does anyone out there know where I can look up info on finding these kind of patterns?  I don’t know if it is or isn’t I’d jut like to know how to find the info!

7 months ago
I’ve read most of the posts here. I was wondering if anyone has experience growing comfrey in zone 9a? Is it too late for me to order some online and plant it? We’re closing in on the long 100 degree summers very soon.
8 months ago
Sorry Mr. Redhawk,

Im new to forms and permaculture.  I thought i saw you might have a book on soil?  Is it out yet, and I cant find it?
1 year ago
How can I change my username. This one is stupid.
Hi all,

I have a question about where to place comfrey. I have two 4X8 raised beds. Should I plant comfrey in the bed itself, or plant it in a bed on the side like this one? I was going to try building a 4x4 bed like this on the side. My idea is to crop and drop some of the leaves into the main veggie beds. But I also wanted the comfrey in the main bed to help build the soil. Any thoughts would help me out greatly?
Hello all,

I'm thinking of getting fruit trees for my backyard here in Henderson NV. I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good books on growing and pruning for me. I'd to get some info before I dive in!

6 years ago
   Thanks Paul for you time.  I was thinking of going with straw.  I never thought of Alfalfa though.  I went to a class on herbs a few months back at the Springs Preserve here.  The lady that taught it uses Alfalfa hay for her beds.  She sales her herbs at a farmers market here.  I'm going there tomorrow to ask her were she gets it.  I got a good idea of where I can find wood for hugelkultur stuff.  I had planned on doing a soil test here soon, and amending the soil with the results I get.  So do you think I should scrap that idea, and let nature take it's course? 

    I really enjoyed you podcast you did with Larry Korn.  I bought One Straw Revoultion.  I'm starting reading it today.  I was think that after I let the hay and organic matter do it's thing for a good 9 months to a year.  I wanted to try the whole natural soil amender's.  I think you guy's talked about Daikon, Clover, and Mustard.  I got a lot of reasearch to do, but thanks again for all your help.

Ohh yeah I was reading the review's on One Straw, and here's what one person said in the 1 star review's "If you like cults, you'll like this philosophical treatise on...rice.

As a long-time gardener, I found the book practically useless, and I found the concept of "do-nothing farming" to be offensive. "  Sorry I just thought it was funny!!
9 years ago