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hey folks.

I'm planning to build a system that will use 1000lt IBC tanks. im told that the outlet from the first tank,
when this turns 90 degrees and goes vertical, the height you go vertical before turning 90 degrees into the second
tank is important. So does anybody have experience with this? the tanks are 1 meter in height and the finish height
of the sand in the first tank will be 150mm/6inches from the top of tank. the out let from the bottom of the first tank
will be within a couple of inches of the bottom of tank.

I would imagine that once the capacity in the first tank is enough to take the volume of grey water form cabin
without over flowing the tank would be the way to go... anyone got an idea as to how long a system like this would take to
process grey water?

forgive my ignorance but i would like to build this once and not be going back to dig it up an redo it!

2 years ago
hey folks

hello from dublin ireland!

my double chamber compost toilet is ready to be emptied. i want to empty chamber no.1
i plan on putting down a layer of cardboard(lots of scutch grass on the land) and then the contents of chamber no.1
an cover it with plastic until early spring next year before putting it around my apple trees.

is this what people do??
2 years ago
Thanks for the reply to bias 👍

Yea the UV lamp would do the job but wouldn't solve it... I'd would like to solve it.... not the space for lots of dry material

Suppose there is a gap they are getting through 😠

Il try tonite to get the the pics up 👍

Starting the second double chamber compost toilet next week which will be a stand alone structure. The first one is a extension to my cabin
4 years ago
hey folks!

i have built (pics to follow!) a doublke chsmber compopsting toilet and its going, for the most part, very well.

one problem that has raised its head is that i am getting little critters in there! i dont have a glass bottle fly trap... could this be the issuse

is there a homemade spray that i could use

4 years ago
Hey hey hey folks!

Hope ye are all in good form and progressing along with your projects.

I am about to start my second compost toilet and want to use the clay soil I have on my land. The problem I have is that there is plenty of stones in my soil. Is this still OK to make cob with? The thoughts of removing the stones has me breaking out in a cold sweat!


4 years ago
hey folks!

i am using a bathtub to make a grey water treatment system and i have washed stone and non silt sand.
i need to find what membrane to get for between wash stone and non silt sand for the system.

any help/advise would be greatly appreciated
4 years ago
ok thanks for the input folks

i have a good sized willow belt which im thinking would it be better to send the grey water through a chain
of 2 or 3, 1m square containers and run out of the end of them into the willow belt?
this will save on to much digging and also the land slopes gentle from outlet from shower to willow belt?

if that is a goer il have to decide on either reeds or sand in containers to filter water?

digging hole for two 50 gallon barrels, which i picked up yesterday(they had acetone in them.. they
varpourise and should be ok with a couple of flushes of water im told... cant find how to clean them on the interweb),
and getting foundations in the bottom of hole, insulate and then... alot of labour

outside of wall under the kitchen window im putting the sink outlet, it is 1.2m high im planning to put two smaller containers measuring 14"
diameter and 2ft tall and filtering the grey water from sink through sand and stone filter. it is extra work two separate systems but would like to try
the two different systems to compare results

more planning, research and questions on the cards!

thanks again topher and celia for your intput

o and i am going to order that book too thanks
6 years ago
hey folks

so i my in a mobile home... i want to filter the water from the shower and im picking up 50 gallon
barrels on tuesday

so as the mobile is only 16" (400mm) above ground level... i plann to drop the barrles into the ground and
cant figure out the best way to insulate the barrels for winter as they will be 2/3rds of the way into the ground
any help/advice on that would be great!

i plan to use sand, wash stone and maybe charcoal?? in the barrels to filter the water... the filtered water will be for watering
my veg plot and polytunnels

also i have dug a 3m (10foot well) and the water table is 700mm below ground level.. i have half the pad stones in place
to build for a well house to filter the water for the shower and kitchen sink for washing plates, cups etc

i wont try to filter it to drinking quaity yet as it seems complicated... maybe after i get the grey water and the water for the shower
and kitchen sink sorted and working

so thats basically it has anyone else built a system like this and did they insulate the barrels in the ground to prevent freezing during winter?

so want to get this done and done right as i have been living here for 18months with no running water or gery water system

any advise help would be greatly appreicated

i live in the north county dublin... ireland
6 years ago
hey folks!

i have got a neighbour to dig a hole 3m deep. The water table is approx 700mm below ground level and im delighted with that!

the next step is finding out the quality of the water... there is another well in the brothers garden. he got the well tested and i think it was high in iron.
im not allowed use this well as he spent 5000euro on getin it drilled and having a filter system put in place. So with the hole i dug i would like to find out the quality of the water... this hole is about 150 foot from the brothers so would ye reckon the water quality be the same?

i intend to use the water from the well to wash dishes and for the shower so i wouldnt be drinking it yet until i figure the quality and figure out how well i can filter the water using gravity and stone/sand/charcoal in the 100 liter tank to filter it

the budget has pretty much run out and id love to find a way of finding out the quality of the water. Also i intend to build a shed and put two IBC tanks(caged 100litre tanks) in it and use tank 1 to filter water and tank 2 as a holding tank when water is filtered.

the above might sound confusing so bear with me please!

any ideas and or feed back would be great thanks
6 years ago
Forced to move on?? No planning permission?