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since Apr 01, 2024
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SWM  Father of two wonderful daughters. Owner and caretaker of 30 odd acres of South Central Virginia wilderness. Lover of FREEDOM and what was the American way before the libtards took over.  Mechanic and builder by trade. Built a drag car and raced for 20 years.
Politically inCORRECT under todays standards. I should have lived a hundred years ago. Don't agree with either side of the dirty coin of politics. Personally I think we need to sweep the whole lot out and start fresh with the constitution as it was written!
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I live in south central VA and we have plenty of bears but they don't cause a lot of trouble, some but not much.
12 hours ago
Open pollinated organic is the only sustainable way to go!
18 hours ago
Red maple trees make some nice pretty quick growing shade trees.
4 days ago
Good luck to you and your friend in this new adventure. I've been living and homesteading off grid since 2008. Raised two daughters here mostly by myself. What I did was find some scrub timberland with nothing at all on it but trees and went from there. I was able to buy more land by buying poor land far away from cities and towns which was just what I was wanting, away from people, poor land not so much. lol Would I do it again, in a heart beat! Best decision I ever made was getting away from the cities and rat race of modern life...  But the real bonus was all the work here really has improved my health by orders of magnitude! I am an M.S. survivor and never expected to regain anywhere near this level of ability after having to relearn to walk, talk and write again in my 30's.
1 week ago
Look up pour on concrete floor leveler and think temporary frame.
1 month ago
Ended up putting 25 to 30 yards of compost on a 1 acre field.

Red clay clods are giving me a fit. Plowed deep then disced several times. Loaded on a thin layer of compost and disced that in and still have clods 2 to 10 inches. Any ideas? I'm considering trying the old homemade pulverizer box. It is dry...
1 month ago

Christine Cox wrote:Hi Larry,

I just found this site and am also looking for a homestead partner-in-crime.  I'm 53 with no children - two pups.

If you are still looking, please feel free to reach out and I can share more about myself.


Thanks for the inquiry but someone found me and it seems to be working out about as well as possible. Goodluck to you!
1 month ago
I use a few of these they work very well.

You can also look in to generation using TEG's. These type of fans are powered with a TEG.

16 years off grid in VA myself but I have a pretty good solar power system now.
1 month ago
Anna and I went and got a load of composted wood chips in the deuce. Then we got half of it shoveled into the spreader and spread those 5 loads. So the spreader is apparently smaller than I thought, or the deuce holds more than I thought! Either way the garden or crop space is getting some good organic matter that's much needed. My sweat is still salty so my salt regimen must be working. lol No cramps yet but boy my back is screaming, have mercy on me! haha

Wonder if I could put sides / top rails on the spreader so it'll hold more?
1 month ago
Been busy around here. Still haven't gotten any new fence up though. I did plow up about an acre to plant yesterday.  Today I Disked the ground I had plowed. Then my dumb arse changed the left rear inner dual tire on the deuce. My back is kicked, that was 100% arm strong power. Couldn't find the sockets I bought a few years ago. They're somewhere! The tire that came off has a hole I can get 4 fingers in, lord only knows what I hit!

Start hauling compost soon, wanted to do it today but I got NOTHING left in the tank! Bought a little manure spreader over the winter that I'm going to spread it with. But it only holds about 1.5-2 yards and I can carry about 6 to 8 yards in a load on the deuce. So I'll go load it in the deuce with the tractor then shovel it in the spreader I guess.

Can anyone tell me how many yards of compost to spread on an acre. The compost is free so. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . This is real poor clay with 1 to 1.5% organic matter.  

Since I last posted I also put new tires on the rear of the tractor. The originals gave up the ghost after 18 years. Let me tell ya changing large tires is not an old mans game but I got it done all by hand! The new ones will hopefully outlast me! lol
1 month ago