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Hi, I'm Lumia! That's snow in Finnish if you were wondering.

At Beyond Buckthorns I work on building a functional homestead and to help create a natural haven for people, plants and animals on our premises. I love to read, work for worthy causes through associations, spend time with our cat Miss Sophie, bathe in the sauna and think up new ways to live a magnificent life for as little money as possible.

I did my PDC in Lahti, Finland in 2018 with George Sobol, and lately I've been interested in training others in subjects like permaculture and sustainable lifestyle, too.
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Recent posts by Lumia Huhdanpaa

Not sure if to post this in here or in Community or  but let's post here first

Come Celebrate Permaculture Day 2024 with us at Beyond Buckthorns on Sunday May 5th!

Join us for a special screening of "Holy Shit: A Journey into DIY Biogas," also known as The Biogas Movie, by Dominik Jais, a dedicated biogas specialist and permaculturist based in Finland. The screening starts at 3 PM at Beyond Buckthorns, PΓ€lkΓ€ne, Finland!

Filmed in the US and Finland, this enlightening documentary dives deep into the world of DIY biogas systems, showcasing real-life applications and offering practical knowledge for anyone keen on adopting sustainable practices. It's more than just a film; it's a celebration of human ingenuity and the potential to foster a greener future through grassroots innovation and community.

At Beyond Buckthorns, we're all about empowering our community to embrace sustainable solutions. Watching this film together is not just about learning but also about inspiring each other to contribute to the permaculture movement and self-sufficiency.

Can't make it to our place? No problem! Grab some friends (or your cat), find a comfy spot, and watch "Holy Shit: A Journey into DIY Biogas" on YouTube:
It's available any time.

Ps. please spread the word & tag us (Beyond Buckthorns in FB, Insta, Tiktok) and use hashtag  #permacultureday if you post anything about your own screening in social media!
1 month ago
Hi, just wanted to post and celebrate

Our little homestead Beyond Buckthorns ( was interviewed for an article about permaculture in the Finnish gardening magazine Viherpiha (

I'm so glad to have been able to share a bit about this cool design method and way of life really to the (at least on Finnish scale) vast readership of around 150 000 people.

I believe we need much more info on permaculture reaching people that don't know much about it yet at all, no matter where on the globe!

Kind regards from Finland
3 months ago
Thanks so much Nancy! You are right, too, and it's a good tip for me to remember while posting about the course. Thanks a lot!
If you are interested in really diving deep into permaculture on a two-week experience in Finland this summer, check out our PDC course 🌱 would be lovely to have you there β˜€οΈ

Do your PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) in Finland this June. Join us for intensive discussions, diving deep into topics, enjoying field trips and of course doing lots and lots of permaculture design β˜€οΈ

Read more and grab one of the early bird offers (available until end of February only!) at

What are people saying about the PDC at Beyond Buckthorns?

"PDC in Beyond Buckthorns is definitely an amazing, heart-warming and life-changing experience I would recommend to everyone who is interested in permaculture." - Maria

"With hosts that are so warm and knowledgeable, the PDC at Beyond Buckthorns is magical. Discussions of all sorts, friendships begin to flourish. Being brave and open is a must!" - Alexis

"PDC course will change your perspective to gardening. To understand how you can mimic nature in your process in gardening will make wonders to the nature around you and your crops. " - Eve


Just a reminder: PermaTalks is starting this Thursday! If you want to enjoy the lecture series live from the start, πŸ‘‰ you need to get your season pass Tuesday evening at the latest πŸ‘ˆ This way there is time to add you on the mailing list: the link for the first session, Digital Permaculture goes out on Wednesday the 17th.

🌱 Get your season pass here:

If you miss the deadline, of course you will still get the recording of the talk, but live is of course always live 😊

Join in, listen, learn, share and get to know new like-minded people! It takes all of us to create a community πŸ’š
4 months ago
Hi everyone! I thought I'd let you know about the lectures & talks series PermaTalks that is starting on the 18th of January 2024 on line⭐

The fourth season of this wide-ranging permaculture education series has nine amazing lecture & talk sessions, with topics like Water in all of the permaculture zones, Living in the food forest, Permaculture tools to design inner and invisible landscapes and Digital permaculture, with teachers like Aranya, Dominik Jais, Bernhard Gruber, Brenna Quinlan and Katie Shepherd just to name a few!

The talks are on Thursdays (evening times for European timezones) and there will be a recording for most of them.

Check out all the speakers and sessions at and join us for this amazing season of permaculture learning, sharing and co-creating!

The season pass costs mere 25 euros, and you can get it at

Also you can ask me if you have any questions ⭐ Looking forward to seeing may of you there πŸ™‚
4 months ago