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Recent posts by Georgia Julius

Nestled in the Little Applegate Valley of Southern Oregon, Wolf Gulch Farm is situated on 180 acres and features an established organic farm, multiple dwellings, a resident permaculture expert and educator, and all of the infrastructure needed to pursue farming or other land-based businesses, host retreats and events, and generate revenue through rentals.

Structured as a blend of food production and education, this well-loved property has been an organic farm and community and permaculture education site since 1998. The current owners, Maud and Tom Powell, are seeking individuals who are passionate about permaculture, education, and farming and are willing to offer an exclusive owner carry option to the right land stewards.

Longtime permaculture educator, author, and visionary Tomi Hazel has been living on the  property in Little Wolf Gulch for twenty-two years and is willing to stay on and continue teaching their popular permaculture courses.

Learn more at and contact Maud Powell for more information: