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8 months ago
I did find a study on planting corn into an alfalfa feild.  It looks like it would work for dent corn, but not sure of early sweet corn.

Alfalfa will terminate by cutting it below the surface of the soil, but timing is key like with terminating a lot of cover crop.  From what I have read it dose not crimp well.  Alfalfa has a lot of long term benefits from alfalfa.

I have decided that I'm going to get cut, bailed, and sold in the next few weeks.
9 months ago
I did a few fast google searches and found.
Where alfalfa and corn gets planted at the same time.  The alfalfa competed on the corn and took a small loss on the corn, but you had a great stand of alfalfa for the fall.
I also saw where they would do the first harvest of the alfalfa, spray the alfalfa, and then plant corn.  I did not see anywhere it was talked about where chemicals were not used.  I also feel that the spring alfalfa would suck up a lot of water that the corn would not be able to use.  With wanting to plant sweet corn I would want to get planting as soon as posable in the spring.

I still need to do more reading and thinking on not terminating the alfalfa.  

9 months ago
I do not care about 100% kill as I'm not a grain or vegetable farmer.  We just raise pigs, chickens, and most years we will plant 5 acers of sweet corn for someone else to market.  Most years we will sell the last cutting of hay.

I do feel that soil disturbance if done correctly with the right follow up can be beneficial.  In the last 5 year I have found that going no till has cut back on fuel and time so far.

I try to work full time my glass shop most of the year.  Wife and kids do most of the farm work unless it is feild work or a large project.  
9 months ago
Our soil is 5 to 7" loamy with red clay.  I know at some point I will want to mix a bit of clay back into the loam, but that might be years down the road.  With long alfalfa stands you get huge deep root systems and if well taken care of long term soil moisture will be the big issue even with irrigation.  
9 months ago
I'm thinking of a sweep plow and only setting it to 2 to 3".  Think of it more like metal blades that you run parallel to the ground a few inches below the surface cutting everything.  From what I have read it should terminate most of the alfalfa.

As of right now I'm planning on growing sweet corn and stagger the planting.  If the buyer pulls before spring and I'm not able to find a new buyer than I will most likely plant a pasture mix.

I have harvested 10 acers of corn silage with a 2 row pull behind chopper before.  I like alfalfa silage better than corn silage for my farm at this time.  
9 months ago
I have been working on reducing tillage and eliminate most chemical usage on my farm.

I need to terminate 5 acers of alfalfa this fall or spring to plant corn.  The alfalfa is on it's 7th year and has thinned out.  I drilled cover crops into it a few times this year to increase over all yields.

The best that can come up with is to harvest the feild in the next 2 weeks, sweep plow at about 3", plant a 5 way cover crop that will winter kill, in the spring run the crimper roller, and then use my no till drill.  I plan on putting down lime this fall to soil test and 3 tons of compost per acer after I seed but before the corn starts to grow.

Dose anyone have a better idea on how to terminate 5 acers of alfalfa or am I missing something?
9 months ago