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shane goodwin

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since Jul 02, 2022
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Recent posts by shane goodwin

Hello good to meet you all. I'm a single 39-year old father of 2.
I lived my pervious life not to my full potential and always adapted to continue the relationship that ultimately ended in divorce.
Ahhhhhh. But now this time I'm seeking to fully live my life doing what I love and doing it with passion.
Be free being invited and grounded. ( walk naked in nature)

My goals for the future will to be establishing myself on a plot of land and to be able to live off that land.

Having a pond stocked with fish or to be near a body of water that allows for fishing and provides water for farming.

50 acres would be ideal but as land prices rise will settle for less.

I'm an electrician by trade but I'm adapt in other construction building and techniques. I have allot of knowledge and experience that provides a great benefit to homesteading.

I enjoy gardening and being able to provide. I love being outdoors and really look forward to achieving my goals.

I found out allot about myself over the past few years and learned that letting go is a huge part of success.

I have many stories and many ideas how I want my life for the future.
I also want to be able to share my life with someone who gets me and wants to grow with me and is just as influential and motivated in making life fun and enjoyable and let's not forget memorable.

I know there's a  person out there that will complete me one day. They always say go to a place where it makes you happy and meet someone doing what you love. For now I'll start here. For those I reach I am blessed and thankyou.
You can always reach me here or ima86er@yahoo.com and I'll look forward to hearing your stories and your own ideas.

2 months ago