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since Feb 22, 2022
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dog bike fiber arts
Marketing assistant in love with nature. Enjoying making garden projects with my kids and hiking enthusiast with my dogs.
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Recent posts by Sam Robertson

Zoe Ward wrote:

Here's a link to a YouTube video showing how you quilt as you go an entire quilt.

I like this video. Simple and easy to implement, I'll try it soon.
4 months ago
Inspite of the current fashion to have holes in jeans, I'd like to repair/mend my husband jeans.
I'd like it to be discrete. Any suggestion or tutorial to follow ?
5 months ago

Carla Burke wrote:It should, if gently hand washed in cold water, and laid flat, to dry - probably outside, on a warm, sunny day sepulcher be best.

Would you advise against machine drying ? is so, why ?
5 months ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Everyone who has just signed up to permies will get a link to this thread. Please share any bumps in the road you've encountered while signing up. Thank you!

Everything went fine for me !

Carla Burke wrote:the 'pillow quilt' style, like this one:

I really like the idea of a pillow like quilt. The end result is really cute.
Just wondering if it stays fluffy after several washes.
5 months ago