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since Oct 11, 2021
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Recent posts by Martine Algier

Pearl, are you and your mother still here, still on the land.
we are also a mother and daughter  but no land yet. Just a house in Willow Springs MO.
Would love to connect and maybe you could help us connect with other permies.
Martine 415  302 8419   Hoping you will see this or maybe someone else from our area will see it and contact us.
1 year ago
Hi Coydon. i 'm reaching out after reading some of your posts.
would love to hear from you about your progress in finding a spot and setting up community.
I am  long time Permie, studied with Bill M decades ago and taught NVC at N. Cal Perm in Bolinas
Currently looking for home and determined it must be where food growing  and
natural building, conscious, collaborative community  etc. are primary.
My email is
Gratefully, Martine
415 306 3152
1 year ago