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Recent posts by Shannon Mapes

I appreciate the ideas.  Thank you all!
I'm going to look into everything and also heavy duty pipes or hoses.
There are deer trail down there, tons of coyotes all around, and I have shared tense moments in the driveway with a bear.
We can climb down to the river, but getting back up is truly difficult.  Hopefully find a durable setup.
2 months ago
We live in Eastern Tennessee on a cliff above a river.
I would love to be able to pump river water up for my raised garden bed and small orchard.
It's basically straight down and then about 300 more feet to the water.  The river curves and silt has built a flat floodplain beneath our cliff.  
I cannot leave a submersible pump in the water because we have a few kayakers and rare boats.  I do not want it to disappear.
I've looked into treadle pumps but was informed that they cannot pump more than 25-35 feet.  Manual pumps interest me because of the exercise aspect.  I would look into solar but believe this still would require a submersible pump.
Any ideas I would definitely appreciate.
2 months ago
I rented 42 last year (just happened to get 42, didn't ask for that number) to eat ivy, Japanese honeysuckle, small princess trees and tree of heaven.  They ate the poison ivy, too!
And they pooped everywhere.  And they were super nice, and came with 2 great pyrannese (sp?) guard dogs since we have coyotes.  Also the company set up a solar electric fence.
They cleared 2 acres in about 11 days.
I am getting my own goats soon.  Pesticide and herbicide free weed control.
2 months ago
Hubby and I made bread out of acorns.  It was ....dense.
Bear sausage at a retirement party in Louisiana was fabulous.
I ate a blue mushroom my co-worker said was edible.  It was gross.
I was served dog in the island nation of Pohnpei.
And growing up in the Marshall Islands we ate breadfruit.  That's yummy!
Had some good heart & tongue hash in Bemidji Minn.
Swallowed the innards of a sea turtle egg raw on the beach.  Dad did it, my brother refused, I was about 7 and of course had to do whatever my brother chickened out on doing.  Can't remember the taste.  
Ate caviar about age 11.   Thought it tasted like crude oil smells.
And ate lamb that was cooked in the sand in a desert Wadi in Jordan.  That was FABULOUS.
3 months ago
If when you're hiking your hubby becomes annoyed because you never look up - you're either
1). Picking up other peoples' trash,
2). Looking for plants you can't identify
3). Telling hubby which plants you DO identify, letting him know even though he's oblivious,
4). Picking up after your dog - and other peoples' dogs,
5). Or chatting about what projects you'd like him to help you with at home.
I mean, what's acreage for if not to have fun growing stuff?
Or suggesting (again) you really REALLY want goats (just
2... I swear!) to eat the invasives.
5 months ago
This is Coconut, my Florida rescue, Coco for short.
My love for him outweighs my husband's indifference.
He is great with all females, not so great with big males, and is fine with all critters.
Only chases rabbits.  Typical Min Pin.
We are in Tennessee now, on 13 wooded acres, and he loves it just as much as our beach house.
5 months ago