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I live in Devon, England.
I live in a tiny home, a 20ft static truck.
I heard of permaculture in the mid ‘80’s and met Bill Mollison at a city Farm in Bristol. I took a permaculture d course in the ‘90’s.
I happened to be in a relationship with somebody who wasn’t interested in coming along on the ‘journey’. He has since committed suicide since the pandemic hit and a factor in his demise was frustration with the human race and the state of the world.
Anyway, i am living on 9 acres of land without permissions and trying my damnedest to stick to permaculture principles.
I would love to install a rocket mass heater but really feel at 66 that I do not have the skills to install one inside and have limited means to pay someone to do it and lack of physical strength to set up some systems.
I have a scythe but physically can’t cut a lot of the hay here. I have deer here who demolish trees if I’m not on the ball. (Just seen Sep Holzer’s remedy via you by the way).
I am frustrated by what I can achieve here with little help and like you frustrated with human nature.
Changing minds through education is a slow process and I believe that people need an immediate/personal disaster or a war to kick them into a different gear.
I think you need to carry on doing what you are doing but accept the fact that our civilisation may be on the decline, the survivors of which could well be all the permies.
I live knowing i am doing my best and not just changing lightbulbs.
Thanks for yr inspiration