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Recent posts by Richard Wich

Directions to the third party:
Google Earth location?
1 month ago
Why don't you come over here to the united states?
We have more land then we know what to do with...
Just need the third party financial backing-

Let's talk...
1 month ago
Got a piece of land I can put my:
Tiny RV home on?
I'll build you three Rocket stoves...
I'm looking for a partial off grid place.
I have the makings for a tiny home-
The problem is people"Tattle Tailing"where ever a person goes.
Can't mind their own property line business...
I refuse to feed into it-
If you happen to aquire a piece of land in a warm climate as you suggest I'm interested.
But other than this I tried to just simply roommate with a lady a few years back.
We traveled up 101 North from California-
Telling you,there really is something wrong with our society...
Three dudes tried to jump me,they looked like little leprechauns-
I wasn't going there:
"Number one",
"Things aren't always what they appear"
And I don't do exterminations-
I'm not an exterminator...
Long story short we had to part because of these leprechauns fortunately we were both signed into a safe place but the leprechauns were running the joint.
1 month ago
Your Neighbors place...
1 month ago
I’m interested in this barter offer.
I have a 17’ RV home I would like to convert to a tiny home on a piece of land.
I would be ready to start the barter immediately.
I’m currently in the state of:
Can travel on short notice with my RV-
30-60 days upon an agreement...
1 month ago