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Hi all!

I’ve recently unearthed my microscope and have gotten it setup so I can take photos and video using my phone. I wanted to see if any permies had suggestions for things they would like to see from the micro-world. I would do my best to collect samples and photograph anything you recommend. I have a 100x objective, so everything except viruses and organisms of that scale would be a challenge.

Let me know what you would like to see!
1 month ago
For international shipping do shippers usually charge by weight/volume or is there flat rate? 75$ shipping for every 2 mugs or 75$ for as many mugs will fit safely in a box?
Wayback Machine FTW! The Dyas A. Lawson article I referenced earlier can be found here.

Also, sorry for arriving late to this discussion!

Also, also, I'm in the dislexia/disgraphia boat too, it's drag, but there is definitely more resources for us now than when I was in school, so woot!
1 month ago
It is so cool to see others who see value in practicing these skills as an adult. The thing that gave me the biggest leap in improvement was an article by Dyas A. Lawson (which is no longer online, unfortunately) which encouraged practicing using the shoulder girdle and chest muscles. Since these muscles aren't usually used for fine motor control, this practice is quite difficult. However, my control and stamina for writing has been orders of magnitude better since implementing a small amount of this practice. I'll see if I can find an archived version of that article somewhere.
1 month ago
2 for 40$ 100% worth it if my hand can fit in the handle! My brother used to call my hands "meat hooks", I didn't realize what he was talking about until I started drinking coffee. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Also, I am in Canada too, so shipping is a thing.
I hope someone scrapes all of these responses and weaves them in to a story somehow :D
1 month ago
Agreed! We were just talking about that over here.
1 month ago