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Recent posts by Kailyn Topper

Hello, and welcome! That's awesome news. It will be cool to see how all your lurked knowledge comes out on the farm!!
6 days ago
Been waiting on approval of a few bits, finally came through!

Applying for BB10 - my badge list is here: Kailyn's PEP Journey
1 week ago
Whoa! Do you know why it works? Is it the henna itself? Been reading about the art of henna and how much the mixture and designs matter into the healing and mastery of it. It is super cool that it is cooling!
1 month ago
Am I able to bump this thread for badge approval?

Waiting on a few badges to get approved, so just wondering if there is any timing to know if they got missed or I just need to wait longer!
1 month ago
There is literally rice on the floor of my car?! Vacuumed the whole thing, used an interior car cleaner to wipe down center console and other bits, and a Grove window cleaner and spray bottle to wipe down window.  
2 months ago
My attempt to wash the car, using some items a family member had that I could borrow. I rinsed off with a house first, then used sponges and wash mitts to scrub down with Wet Shine Car Wash. Then used a Nu Finish car polish to do the windshield - put on with a damp cloth, let sit, wipe with clean micro cloth. Hope this works, if not, another car wash on a hot summer day!  
2 months ago
Setting up a cloth napkin system - they work better than normal napkins and are fun to feel fancy even though it is simple! Ours will shake out the crumbs, then wash with our other kitchen towels/rags in the washer (for now) on our weekly laundry load. Used a wood tray for storage, and a drawstring our sheets came in for the dirty bag!
2 months ago
This weekend we went to visit a celebration day at a community garden, that offered free veggies! Totally forgot to write it down or take pictures, was able to make some really yummy salads with lettuce, sliced apples, carrots, and sunflower seeds. Also cut some carrot into bite-sized pieces as a snack for later! No photos or count for this, but am excited anyway!
Made a simple rice on stovetop, going to eat it with lentils and red beans. Really love rice - could eat a bowl of it by itself! Started with 1/2 cup, washed until water was clear, then added about 1 1/2 cup water to the pan (really just so the water line is slightly above top of rice). Let it get steamy, turned down the heat, waited until the rice soaked up all the water!