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Recent posts by Ellen Morrow

I have found that a sprinkle of used coffee grounds keeps ants out of the house.   They still make hills outside where they don't bother anything.
Oh, I love the Lehman's catalog too!  We even got an Aladdin lamp.   It doesn't get much use, though,  just when the power is out for a few days and we want to read.  The other  lamps and even candles work fine for everyday seeing.
2 months ago
I have garlic chives and NOTHING eats them!  I got them years ago as a couple of sorry looking sprouts; now they want to rule the yard.  That seems to be my luck with herbs...  Most of them behave, but now and then one goes Day of the Triffids on me.

So far we live in peace with the local critters.  I understand that possums eat ticks and even small snakes, so I don't worry about our resident Pogo.  So far he hasn't tangled with any skunks.

There is a spring on our place, but it is over the creek and up a stump from where we are.  At least we know where it is if things get really bad.

I'm beginning to think solving the problems of an off-grid kitchen will solve other problems of an off-grid homestead as well.
2 months ago
Hi, Denise!

I find herbs pretty critter-proof.  The deer won't touch basil, sage, thyme or chives.  They will eat parsley and strawberries.

Your rock cave sounds like a great place to keep things cool.  We don't even have a basement, alas!  Right now we are looking at solar.   Just looking at the moment.
2 months ago

Have you seen the patterns here?  Many of them feature elastic in the waist or an easy fit, like the Hinterland Dress.

That link might not work, I'm still learning to copy/paste on a tablet.
2 months ago
Hiya, Kate!

Before we moved I had done some reading about homesteading,  living simply, etc., etc.  I was ready to go, get my fingers in the dirt and start building Paradise.  We got a gas stove that could be lit with a match for cooking, and a wood stove for heat.  So far so good.

Then the lights went out and I learned exactly what a 'deep well' meant.  No water.  Being a normal, sheltered city girl, I panicked.   "What do we do?" I wailed.  "Wait for the power to come back", my husband said.

What if it never comes back, I thought.

Since then I have used power outs as a chance to practice resilient living.  My husband likes the idea of solar.   I'd like to try catching rainwater.

Forums like this are helpful because I can see what others have done and what might or might not work here.
2 months ago
Anne, thank you so much!  That book sounds exactly like what I want.
2 months ago
Perhaps what I need to do is seek out a written reference that explains all the ways to get all the good out of a plant.

What are some good herbal books?  All of my old books have stuff like "good to repel witches".  I think I would rather treat a wound or heal an ailment.
2 months ago
Late to this conversation,  just had to say I loved this pattern in my youth!  Unfortunately,  I cut the pattern rather than tracing it, and had to add back bits as I expanded.

If you can afford to get the pattern from Folkwear.com, do it.  It is an easy and comfortable pattern.  And your antique sewing machine will be happy to meet up with an old friend.
2 months ago

Skandi Rogers wrote:Different chemicals will dissolve in different solvents, so something that will come out of the herb and dissolve into the alcohol may not come out and dissolve into the oil, Therefore while sometimes it may be interchangeable which base to use othertimes it may not give you the result you want and it could conceivably even give you a bad result if you extract something that isn't wanted at all.

That makes sense.   Now to learn which solvent extracts which quality...
2 months ago