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Am I doing something wrong? Most often these freebies download as alien code text that is unreadable. I'm using android phone and I just cant seem to get the pdfs.
5 days ago
Without a doubt, the Super Turkey! Croissant sliced in half, dijon  mustard, roasted turkey breast, avocado slices, bacon, apple slices.
First had one in a California cafe in late 80s and have them every fall/winter with leftover turkey. Yum! 😋
1 month ago
I don't recall how I found Permies, but when I did I binged on it for over a month every spare moment I had! I learned so much. And it's literally only in the last few months or so. And here's my observation on today's topic.
Before i ever heard of Permies I watched YT videos about various homesteading topics and eventually heard of permaculture,  hugelkulture and food forests. Great stuff.
So today I did a search on YT for Permaculture. I'm scrolling, and scrolling and scrolling........
The first video of yours to show up was the 56th video on the page! It was from 8 years ago and on hugelkulture. And I will say I only recently realized you had a channel.
YT likes channels that people 'Like', 'Share' and 'Subscribe' to.
So, why don't we, dear Permies subscribers all go on a quest to watch some random videos of Paul's and like, share,  subscribe  and ask our acquaintances to do so when we share?
And always within your videos Paul, ask people to like, share and subscribe.
Video length: I've often found a YT video that's Part # whatever. If it's interesting I'll go to great lengths to find the other parts. So yeah, I agree with others about length. But instead of redoing all the past long ones (which would be a hellacious project but could be done), just insert a clip at beginning and a small graphic on thumbnail saying "See description for chapters" and or time in video about certain topics or however you want to divide them up .
Also, someone mentioned the bandwidth requirements of videos that are long for us backwoods (I said backwoods, not backwards) people! I will give it to YT that their videos WILL actually stream when others won't. I barely have cell service even with a nice booster antenna,  so often times can't even watch a video. Damn this metal roof!

This is right up my alley! I formerly was a web designer and did Search Engine Optimization.
1. Never say Click Bait. That implies a link to make people click that goes to an unrelated or not fully related to title or thumbnail. That tends to tick people off.
2. The Google keyword tool is a good place to start. Now take 3 or 4 of your top keywords and search various reiterations of them in variously worded sentences in your Search Engine of choice and in youtube to see what comes up.
3.  Actually review the website or videos that come back. Do they seem legit? Why should I watch yours vs theirs?
4.   Are your videos for professionals or Joe Public? Use terms accordingly. I personally know zero about silk worms. So I would use simple terms not knowing what else to search for.
   Sometimes it's frustrating to get a title that uses more than one keyword that doesn't sound like a poor attempt at a foreign language translation!
5.  And looking at your pictures I just see a gorgeous moth. Informative text is good. I like #2&3. (And never copy someone's picture unless it's open source or creative commons😉).
   All that being said, have fun with it.
PS Choose your channel name carefully as well
2 months ago