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Well, I have a support network of like-minded friends to talk to about it... But I do know that MANY therapists do deal with grief over ecological destruction and anomie. Therapists deal with all sorts of things. The trick is always finding a good one.
1 week ago
Hello, similar experience here. We're "blessed" with a whopping 3-6 inches of what generously could be called "clay heavy topsoil" before you hit solid red clay.

What worked for me, and might work for you, is cheerfully called ba***rd trenching. With a bit of a twist from yours truly for both fast and long-term results, incorporating slightly raised beds.

You mark out your bed and dig up a single spade cube of soil, so about 1' in every direction, set that aside. At the bottom you break up the subsoil with a garden fork, claw, whatever. And then you DUMP in compost, manure and LOT AND LOTS of wood chips. Then you take your next spit of soil and you put it upside down in that first empty spot - putting any topsoil, weeds and roots right down into the hole with all the goodies.

Keep going across the whole bed space until you've dropped your original cube of dirt in the last slot, then build a raised bed on that. Then we start the low-till lasagna garden on top. A layer of newspaper, a layer of compost, a layer of leaf litter, a layer of compost, a layer of topsoil, etc, as high as your materials will allow. Top it off with a wood chip mulch or a cover crop.
Build on this every year only tilling once at the beginning of the season to prep the beds for spring planting and mix in new compost. Rake off the majority of the wood chips, lay down your compost, till any weeds under and break up the soil about 4-6" deep, then lay the wood chips back on top. (Or just till in your cover crop if you have one and plant a new one.)

What this does is it puts a LOT of slow-release nutrients in the deep subsoil. You really wanna load the wood chips in there too. You can go lighter on the compost/manure, but add a little (it can even be a bit green) to really kickstart the process. Throwing any weeds/grass/etc and the topsoil down there really kickstarts it too.

Then it leaves crummy but mineral rich subsoil on top, usually a few inches out of the ground, but you can't plant in that so you build your "raised bed" right on top with good compost, leaf humus, topsoil, etc. This kickstarts the bed for immediate planting.

Over time (a few years) the deep nutrient layer and the topsoil layers are mixed by bugs, plant roots and more going back and forth between the two. The result is a THICK layer of topsoil in which plants thrive. It's almost a mini hugel bed in a way if you put enough wood chips in the bottom. The soil will drain a little better but retain water, it will be low maintenance, and all sorts of food plants do great in it.

The downside to this - this is a LOT of manual labor. But in my experience it's worth it, and when you want to plant fast it will get you a crop the first year and they will just get better every subsequent year thereafter. Just make sure you have a source of compost and wood chip mulch or cover crop to replace the nutrients you take out each year.
It's been over a week and I haven't experienced anything I can attribute to the vaccine.

I've been sore - but I've been manually tilling my gardens and moving compost
I've been tired - but the people in my house have a new work schedule and an ear infection and I'm trying to wake up earlier and our whole house sleep schedule is a mess
I've got a mild headache and some sinus pressure - but it's been raining all night really intensely and we dropped 20 degrees in the last 12 hours
The callouses on my fingers and toes have been very dry and shedding lately

I mean, tbh I feel pretty much fine outside those things which have some pretty obvious correlations to other things in my life.
1 week ago
Thanks! It's not where I want it to be yet but it's coming along. I feel pretty safe about the springtails - they've been isolated under a friends keeping for 6+mo. It's been his pandemic hobby.

The soil mix I have should be great for them, but I'm sterilizing a bunch of leaves to mix into the top layer too because I will have isopods when I get the frogs. It will also give me the tannin water for my betta tank since my PH is too high.

Also also gotta add some more landscaping and hardscape. It's a work in progress.
1 week ago
If the guppies like the colder tank have you done a water test?

I made major changes to the aquarium portion of the vivarium. I added amano shrimp and a bumblebee nerite to my beta. I also did a massive water change, cleaned the submersible filter, put in new plant-friendly substrate and planted the tank with duckweed and... Something I don't remember the name of. I also have a lucens in there. The betta and shrimp got persnickity for a bit but as of this morning they appear to have settled in.

I have some springtails coming in from a pal for the tank. Next step is processing oak leaves for tannins for the beta tank and using the oak leaves as mulch in the tank.

Here's an older picture of it, right after I planted the bromeliads. I've got a few more plants in there now, and this was before the tank changes were made.

1 week ago
Well, a couple days out and all those symptoms have faded. Which means I feel like my normal bad self instead of a worse self. XD So have the symptoms for everyone else in my household who got vaccinated two days after me and got symptoms faster. All around it was pretty mild, tbh. Mostly like a really mild flu. We all literally slept it off for a day and felt much better the next day. Honestly? I've had way worse.
2 weeks ago
So, today I feel like poo. I have a headache, chilly, sinus pressure, a bit of a sore throat when I woke up, post nasal drip, a lil achier than usual. Started last night over night. While I've heard that side effects can develop up to 36 hours out, I have no way to know if this is that or if this is just the awful weather, huge temperature dip, and massive pollen counts the last few days. It's miserable outside right now. Just gonna kinda take it easy today and see how it goes. It's not too bad but I just wanna sleep it off.
2 weeks ago
23 hours out, so about a day, and my only side effects have been regular I-got-a-shot-pain and maybe a slight headache. I suspect we're golden. I'll update tomorrow and then every week or two.
2 weeks ago
Got my second Pfizer today! Been almost 2 hours, nothing but a lil injection site pain and a wee headache so far... Headache could easily be attributed to the storm we have today. I was headachey and it was storming during my last shot too.
2 weeks ago
Oooh! I've been building a bioactive vivarium for Red Eye Tree Frogs and I started a bioactive native terrarium yesterday! Serpa Designs is great.
2 weeks ago