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Arthur Angaran

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since Feb 06, 2021
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Recent posts by Arthur Angaran

Hi,  You could dig the holes and have short  3 foot scrap lumber or logs. Level the top of the wood by adding dirt or digging deeper to level the bottom of the hole. That way you don't need to climn a ladder with a saw.
2 weeks ago
Hi John,  A big wooden hose reel, one you can build from scrap wood, holds five fifty foot hoses.  It works really well. Just stand up and push the reel and slide the hose with the foot. After some time the hoses wear from the sun and other such things, then another set needs to be bought. Storage on the property could be an issue.   Hanging the hoses every fall to drain gets to be a pain the older I get.  It's possible to dig a trench with the disc behind the tractor.  Frost line is 4-6 feet up here.  If you cannot run the line downhill you might need an air compressor.  I really do not see a water tank as an option as rye grass or whatever may need 45 minutes of watering in the summer.  The water needs to go deep into the soil so the roots grow deep for whatever the goats need to feed on.  

2 weeks ago
Hi, Maybe this will help.  I read somwhere that in the US there is a new set of building codes approved for RMH.  I don't have a link for it but maybe someone else does and your inspectors can go off that?
2 weeks ago
Hi, If you go on ebay and look for "faucet wrench" you can get an idea of what one might look like.   Depending on space, sometimes slip joint pliers, (sometimes called channel lock pliers,) work.   You will also need open end or box wrenches, or adjustable wrenches for the nuts on the tubing and compression fitting.

If you have ha single handle faucet it probably is the rubber inside that is worn.  

And yes, I second it. Turn off the main water supply to the house when working on plumbing.

Good luck
2 weeks ago
Hi,  A couple of thoughts.    Would you, could you devise that red bull "system" into the RMH ? Then do skype with a bunch of people to evangelize?  

And the desire to provide people the gift of a RMH Experience

  I used to have tupperware parties and others to sell things.  Why not have RMH parties, and give a free booklet as a gift to people after they experience an RMH in person?.
2 weeks ago
Hi,  Something to think about.   After living in our new home, (new to us), the water supply line to the toilet burst. I had to shut the water off very quickly. The valve turned like it was new, doing it's job. If I would of had to go looking for a main valve or a pipe wrench the house would of had tons more water. (Hmmm, maybe I could of had an indoor swimming pool.)  If I were you and had a valve problem I would most likely replace it because I might need it to work very quickly.

Happy plumbing, and watch out for your back
2 weeks ago
Hi, Sometimes there is a shutoff valve coming out of the hot water heater.  If the valve under the sink is really stuck I would replace it with a quarter turn valve. The lines going to the sink and up from the floor can be disconnected with a couple of wrenches.  Put pipe tape on the screw ends and connect a new valve.  It is important to have them working in case of line breakage and major leaking.
3 weeks ago
Hi Brody,  Ist,  Never, Never, Never burn pine in a wood stove.  Watch for nails while cutting pallets with a skill saw.  

I understand the visceral need for wood. At the same time alternative heating and supplemental heating are closely related.  An oil radiant heater, electric ceramic forced air heater, inferred heater, etc.  It's possible to get these for around $50.00.  They will extend the life of propane. My wife and I point the heaters at ourselves.  The bedrooms are cooler, but you said you like that.  We have gone from 5 to 3 fill-ups in a cold year. 4 to 2 in a warm year. The cost savings for us is one fill up of propane. for cold years, and 1 1/2 fillups in a warm year.

So, wood, electric, oil, candle in small room, what other heat source could one supplement propane with?  Might be worth a day to look into it.

Stay warm, stay dry.
3 weeks ago
Hi Brody,  You might look at pellet stoves that can burn pellets or corn cobs.  The pipes go through the wall and are easy as pie to install. The heat transfer could be more effecient than a wood stove. Wood stoves require a certain range temperature to work properly and they need more fussing and you loose a lot of heat out of them.

A Rocket could be built rather quickly.  You could even build one with out the barrell.  Depending upon the pitch of your roof and if your roof is metal, wood, slate, asphault will determine how easy it will be to install a chimney pipe. I put one up through a garage once, it was a breeze.

1 month ago