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Recent posts by Joe Hallmark

I keep a lid on mine. I let mine sit way longer than a couple days though. Every time I think about it I put my hand on the lid and shake the bucket around. I let mine sit for 6+ months.
1 week ago
Foxes are not protected in Texas. You don’t even need a license for a nuisance fox. You just can’t keep or sell their furs.

If you have a license you can take as many as you want and keep the fur but not sale or trade them.

This info is on Texas parks and wildlife website. I’m sure all states have something similar so I suggest you check the regulations. Not knowing is not an excuse. Big fines and taking your equipment  can happen if caught.

I eliminate nuisance animals personally. I can’t afford to lose animals and or crops. I don’t currently have chickens so fox are no nuisance to me. They eat field mice so they are a help. Hogs and raccoons are the destructive ones for me.

That said I do so with properly sized firearms.
1 week ago
My old place had old pier and beam house which we cheaply fixed up. A few years later we sold the house to be moved. They loaded it on an 18 wheeler. There were some over size load permits etc. I can’t exactly remember as I didn’t pay for the move But somewhere around 7-8k and they moved it around 18miles. Included was dealing with power company so they could raise the lines. This was I think 15-1600sqft so they had to completely shut down roads.

However taking roof down would also not be that difficult. And would possibly  save money over permits. But then the hassle of rebuilding.

I would call nearest mobile home place and ask who they use to move trailers or a local trucking company.  They will have people familiar with oversize loads. Never hurts to check. It might be reasonable.

Edit- the 7-8k included the truck and everything to haul and lift and resetting up foundation . So permits only would be a lot less.
1 week ago
Throw breadcrumbs then start cast netting out the fish. They are the problem. They are all stunted so they aren’t getting big enough to eat other things so the muddiness is exaggerated by being overstocked. Use fish to make fish fertilizer or compost. Or get a few larger catfish and they will happily take your population down. I would use channel cat if I did it that way.

Catfish always stir up a bit especially during their breeding but it’s manageable when your stocking rate is close to correct.

You could get someone to shock the pond and remove an appropriate amount since they would all float up but that would be expensive but quick. This just stuns the fish so it’s possible someone might want to relocate them?

I don’t think any kind of treatment will work until the fish population is close to correct. Stocking rate would be less than 50 catfish at most.
3 weeks ago
I have a mini pond about that size. I think it’s 30-35 gal. It gets dirty pretty fast so far but I put a lily pad in the other day. Hopefully that will help clear it up. From what I’ve seen only bugs are using it atm. It has some big rocks so there’s ledges for birds or lizards etc to get in and out.

I thought it be a big hit and really help my garden. So far that doesn’t seem to be the case. I still like messing with it though. Hopefully wildlife takes a bigger interest but if not it’s calming to me.

I say give it a try! Good luck
1 month ago
Radish seed is $1-2 a pound from my ag seed store I can’t remember
1 month ago
Thank you for the kindness.

My first time growing/ harvesting beets and my first time canning happened this afternoon when I got back. I don’t even know if I like beets lol. I just decided to grow something new each year from now on to try things out. Was a bit nervous with the canner but now that it’s done not too bad.

Trying to remember the blessings will outweigh the troubles.
1 month ago
At the moment I don’t have any. To make this short I got in a horrible wreck at work right at two years ago. Haven’t worked since. Everything I paid for to insure I would be ok in this type of event has screwed me royally (work comp, disability insurance, my company of 15 years). I’m going to court today to fight work comp who owes 52000 dollars to me. And I’m going to lose somehow. I had 6 severed tendons (some partial some full tears). They have found many unethical doctors who will claim under oath that these ripped in half tendons are not from a wreck (that totaled 2 one ton trucks and an 18wheeler) but are degenerative damage and are typical of someone 40. Let me rephrase. They will claim that they “probably” aren’t. This is no joke. They are seriously using probably.

I have 2surgeons who performed the repair surgeries and  one doctor who state 100% they are from wreck. The person from the state assigned to help me says we are still going to lose. So to say my inner peace is at an all time low is an understatement.

Sorry to be such a downer. I’m going to come home this afternoon and plant some creeping rosemary I ordered in the orchard so I got that going for me :)

1 month ago
Central Texas here too. My carrots did the same very slow growth then took off a few days ago. I would just leave them unless they need to be thinned out.

What variety carrots did you plant?
I do fairly often get local topsoil. The first time it was the guy who dug my pond and did the clearing. It was unbelievably good. It was silt that was cleaned out from ponds.

I now get it from another guy and it’s decent. Both places screened out rocks or I wouldn’t buy it. The 2nd guy mixes a bit of sand to make it spread easier. It’s not completely weed free but it’s not bad.
1 month ago