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Recent posts by Brian Kuhl

  Can anyone offer any alternate solutions for earwigs found indoors?

... we have dogs, and the 'rolled up wet newspaper" solution only seems to become a super enticing pre-dampened chew toy!

  Just waiting to be discovered by a few 'nosy'
wrinkled-up and
pre-dampened adventerous noses!

...any sugguestions?

 I'd love to learn what draws them to here in the first place!

...As this is our first outbreak on these grounds in 10 years of living here, earwigs were few and far between so something must have changed...

All of your input here shall be greatly appreciated!

These but-pincher things are driving my 87 year-old Mother/ co-habitant,
along with MY Better half and all our beautiful progressions into an ear-plugging FRENZY PLEASE HELP!
1 month ago
 Hi Sharon!

....Can you please share some more details about the methods you use to achieve your results?

I'm new to this method and can't wait to give this a try!

Thank you for sharing!
1 month ago
   Those creepy looking pliers with the faintly recognizable dragon scale-like motif on the one handle, I want to say was used in dentistry?

...Pretty sure my Grandpa used to chase us grandkids around with many similar looking items when the tooth fairy was closing in on us! Haha!

 Many folk would travel for days-
even traversing state lines back during the Depression days,
just to have my Grandpa pull thier teeth-

So I guess he was pretty good a it....

 Yet, he was
ne'er fast enough
to catch us kids
once those creepy pliers
would show up !!!

1 month ago
  That sounds like a great fit for shutters, Sarah!

Those spools come in pretty handy that's for sure!
1 month ago

John C Daley wrote:Yes I have done it many times.
Also great on a roof as a sky light

   John have you ever tried to use the tables with an 'umbrella hole' in it's center?

...If so, what is the best way you have found to seal the umbrella hole?
1 month ago

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:Brian, how would you characterize those bulb ceramic rods? Coarse, medium or fine grit?

I only ask because most commercial ceramic rods are way too fine for what I do.

Wow great question!

 Well, on THAT scale, hmmm... I would have to rate these things as 'Infantecimal' !!!

Or 'nano-fine'

 I'm almost positive that is a word, although I think this is the first time in my life I get to actually use it haha!

...Smooth as silk!...

But yeah these ceramic tubes are truely the bees knees when it comes to hardness!

....As I was 'grinding' the tungsten filament stubs off
and attempting to put a 'beveled edge' onto the ceramic tube ends with a bench grinder
the filaments AND The ceramic both glowed red hot!!!

  And I would have put a major hurting on that grinding wheel had I not continuously

kept the ceramic cylindrical end in motion, parallel to the grinding FACE of the wheel

( think of this as aiming at the center of the Earth,
  with the 'Earth' being the grinding wheel,
  you'll want to aim the barrel of your ceramic cylinder
  directly at the 'center point of spin' on that wheel! )

...while simultaneously twisting the ceramic rod trying to maintain a constant, steady, 'feed' of the ceramic from left to right across the wheel so you dont dig ruts into your humble, hard working grinding wheel !

 This ceramic stuff is hard to manipulate but with time and patience you will see the results!
Then those beveled edges will be as smooth as silk and you'll have birthed onto this planet a shiny new tool to pass down to others you'd like to see maintain thier sharp edge!

What could be better than that?
1 month ago
 An excellent alternative to using car windows are the internal 'elements' found inside old/broken High Pressure Sodium (hps) lightbulbs such as the one pictured below.

The part you want to use is the white cylinder you can see suspended inside the bulb. That white cylinder is made from 'sintered Aluminum Oxide ceramic' and is pretty tough stuff (harder than all knife steels)  and sealed on both ends with a tungsten wire sticking out.

You can cut then grind or file those tungsten wires off flush to the ceramic to make it more user-friendly. Make sure you wash it well before using, as it's probably covered in heavy metals and toxic gik.

 If you have any friends in the electrical industry or know of any building maintenance personel they can probably get you a broken/old bulb for free (a new bulb work work just fine but not very cost-effective).

 It works excellent for honing just about anything to a razor's edge and one will probably last a lifetime, I've had mine for about 20 years now and it looks the same as when I made it no visible damage yet.
1 month ago
Or have your panels hinged so they pivot and safely stack themselves into the truck bed when not in use, somewhat like the hinges in the old tool box picture below.  There would still be enough space under those panels for a shielded, vented battery storage area and would keep those floppy, fragile panels secure and clean when not in use or during transit.
1 month ago
I've removed those kind of bases altogether and mounted the pole directly to the wall using 2 or 3 spring-loaded "broom clamps" like the one pictured here, works well and saves space to boot!
2 months ago