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Catherine B. Ibarra

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since Oct 05, 2020
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Recent posts by Catherine B. Ibarra

Contrary to everything I read everywhere; I had absolutely no trouble germinating my Toona Sinensis seeds purchased from my Canadian supplier! Almost 100% germination! (Link- )

nice folks at AgroHaitai Ltd., very responsive to my questions sent by email!

Probably because I used the method suggested by my supplier, or maybe my seeds were fresher?;
1) Soak seeds in room temperature water for 24 hours water, changing the water at 6 hour intervals
2) Germinate on moist paper towels, covered by layer of moist paper towels
(I found the roots grow quickly before the first leaves appear so avoid using cloth towels as the roots get trapped and break off)
3) My tray of germinating seeds was left for 7 days under my grow light in my plant room which tends to be warm and moist;
4) Wow almost 100% germination- now I have lots of little trees to transplant outside in the spring; until then I will keep them under my
LED grow light, as others have reported success with this method,
3 months ago