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since Sep 17, 2020
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Retired. Interests: Garlic, comfrey, black raspberries, bees, snakes, daylilies.
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Central Virginia, Zone 7.
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Recent posts by Gary Numan

Trivia:  George H wrote that song while watching the sunrise one morning, sitting in Eric C's back yard.

2 months ago

Your wife said don't kill the mice.  Has that stance softened upon hearing mice make decent chicken food?

3 months ago
Not just gas station gasoline.  *Leaded* gas station gasoline.  Mmmmmm.
10 months ago
Even better than bus fumes.

10 months ago
The black raspberry season is winding down here, but the past month's haul was nice,  > 20 lbs total in the freezer.  Family prolly ate as much.

10 months ago
Oh man, so sorry to read this.

In my experience, pawpaw branches do not easily propagate.  I have not had success with transplanting runners either.  

Do you not have runners?  I planted a pawpaw tree here (purchased from a nursery) maybe ten years ago, the original is now huge, and has 15-20 smaller younger trees surrounding it.  They pop up from the roots of the main tree.  Or maybe the runners didn't survive the honeysuckle event either?

11 months ago
Sounds like a great opportunity you're providing, Angela.
Jeff -- You said a while back you had $2000-something to work with, is that still the case?