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since Sep 17, 2020
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Retired. Interests: Garlic, comfrey, black raspberries, bees, snakes, daylilies.
Central Virginia, Zone 7.
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Recent posts by Gary Numan

>> You can run a garden hose from this hand pump setup to an outside water faucet on the house
>> and pressurize the water inside the house using the hand pump

Ooooh, that's a neat idea, thank you for that.

6 days ago
Thank you, thomas and John, for the information, you've made me much smarter on the subject.


>> How far from the "creek" is this spring?
The spring may be smack dab within the creek, surely no more than a few inches from the creek line.  I noticed you put 'creek' within quotation marks, should I have said 'brook' instead?

>> Any elevation change from the spring to where you would like water?
Unfortunately for me, the spring is at low ground.  The water would have to be pumped 30 feet up or so, then 50 feet or so horizontally, to arrive at the ideal place (right beside my porch).

>>What about during freezing temps?
I've never been there in the winter, but I believe nothing freezes over.

>>Water rites?
I need to check, I don't know.

>>Can you get water from the creek itself ?
I could, a bucket at a time.  Small creek, the entire length of which I could step over to the other side without difficulty.

1 week ago
There's a small creek nearby, I noticed a bit of bubbling, and water coming out of the ground.  Not too much at all, just a gallon or two per minute.  May be a spring.

If so, and it tests as safe, what can I do to capture this water?  Or, at least build some kind of spigot or hydrant so I could fill buckets if need be?
1 week ago

Every garlic harvest of mine results in some huge heads, many in the middle, and some tiny ones.

The smallest ones usually get composted, as I'm not patient enough to peel them, too much work not enough fruit.  The large prizewinners get whisked away to a cool dark place, they're  the following year's batch.   Leaving me with the Mediocre Middle garlics to cook with.   Which is ok I guess, but I'd rather use those nice fat ones that I've placed off-limits.

I think I 'torture' myself this way each year, I never get to use the prizewinners, I use the averages.

[Same with the homegrown eggs -- we place the largest ones in cartons and bring them to work where the metro crowd gleefully accepts, leaving the family here to use the mediums and smalls.  But I digress.]

What do yinz homegrowers do with your garlic harvest?  Are the big fatties your go-tos in the kitchen, or do yinz do as I and save the chubbies for planting time?

Tomatoes, for example.  You only have to sacrifice one or two fruits to obtain more than enough seeds to plant the next year.  Garlic, you need to reserve about *one-third* of your haul for the next growing season.  Logically, the large ones are protected, hence my predicament.
1 week ago
>> I am terribly jealous that you have such a glut!

Same here!  Congratulations on such good fortune.  Ramps are finicky, they only grow in juuuuuuust the right situation.   I tried a few times the past 20 years to grow them, my bad for staying in zone 7 wherever I moved.  Ramps hate heat, and love foresty mountainsides, neither of which I could supply at the same time.
2 weeks ago
I logged off, signed out, shut down, and turned my computer off.

At that point, I was NOT able to see this thread.

Glad I could help,

This is the plants' 3rd Spring.  Their current height is between 20 and 26 inches tall.  I'm going to chop the leaves off ... soon, probably within a couple weeks, and use as mulch around some fruit trees and my tomato starts.

3 weeks ago
I have close to 100 comfrey plants (4 and 14 mixed) scattered about, here's the patch with the highest density.

What the patch looked like, on 20 February, 20 March, and 20 April 2022:

3 weeks ago
brain doesn't work without comfrey