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Amaya Engleking

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since Sep 12, 2020
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Recent posts by Amaya Engleking

The land will very likely be going on the market this spring and unfortunately we do not know what the asking price will be, but we are estimating it will be in the $900k-$1.2m range. We are hoping to get enough of a cash down payment to propose a reasonable offer, with possible owner-carry terms or mortgage financing as well. We have some committed investors and long-term folks and families already, and meetings and barbecues have been in the works to get to know other people and see if a collective vision is born. Are you in the area? (San Juan/Uncompahgre/Telluride/Montrose/Grand Mesa) If so, you could possibly try and make it to one of these get-togethers on the land. There is one scheduled for the last weekend of March.
6 months ago

Paul Sofranko wrote:I have two blogs, one semi-active niche within a larger niche community (probably of little interest to anyone here unless you're Catholic and a recovering alcoholic) and another that gets very little love but I keep around to perhaps eventually experiment with. Both use WordPress which I like, although at times I wonder what the devs may be smoking.

Anyway the reason for this reply is that someone mentioned that they miss using Google Reader. WordPress actually has a Reader service; if you have a self-hosted blog or use their wordpress.com host, or download the  Wordpress Apps for desktop and smartphone you can add subscriptions to all the blogs you read. All in one place!

There are other feed readers for desktop/smartphone, but I prefer the WP reader.  

Paul Sofranko, what is your blog’s URL?
7 months ago
Blogging allayed the intellectual loneliness of early motherhood. I am so grateful for the Wordpress blogging community (the ones who make their presence on the Reader and who show up with meaningful comments on others’ blogs) and especially the poets who publish on their blogs. I even participated in and ‘pubtended’ for the dVerse Poets Pub, an international group of poets who write to prompts 2-3x/week and read each other’s work. It is absolutely the apex of the internet, for me. Well, along with this here forum! When I began midwifery school and birth work I had to step away from the community and didn’t have the energy in me, along with pandemic-era elementary schooling, to even write anymore. I got deep on that free Wordpress blog! I’d write a lot of poetry and creative writing, candid confessions on spiritual conversion and how truly hard it is to suddenly be a Christian, lists of songs, travel stories, some photography, and sometimes whatever I’d been contemplating. It did feel like a public diary, but that content is exactly the kind of writing I was looking for when exploring the blogosphere. It absolutely is not the same to post on social media, being so conscious of one’s audience and just the general shitty energy of those platforms. I hope one day to get back into blogging regularly, especially for the meaningful connections made with other writers and human beings.

Here is something I wrote on Takaya, the lone sea wolf of Vancouver Island who was tragically killed though his spirit continues to touch those who listen.
7 months ago
Seeking Land Partner(s) to purchase 45 acres south of Montrose, Colorado to establish Low Impact Development/Community Land Trust (CLT) as well as a ReGenerative Community Education Center. Partners must have capital available for land purchase and skills to contribute to development plan. Our organization has leased this land for 5 years and we are ready to move forward with vision plan. Land has senior water rights, large trees, established organic gardens, and permaculture design plans for development. Focus of education center is on ecological farming/permaculture, natural building, off-grid energy systems, water systems management, cottage industry development, and ReGenerative Community Development. Residency on land limited to individuals who can participate in development/operations plans and must be willing to commit to long term vision. Interested parties who wish to invest in establishing the CLT, please inquire for more details.

Please send me a message with serious inquiries. I posted this in the ‘Rockies’ forum, but it would be much appreciated if an admin can add this to the ‘Land Shares’ and ‘Ecovillage’ forums as well. Thanks!
7 months ago
I like this thread. I saw it featured in the Permies newsletter/email and I’ve enjoyed reading every response, particularly those from Spain (Abraham and Dave) who added some cultural idiosyncrasies to be mindful of.

That said, I personally would not get overly consumed with proprieties, or let the awareness of them, with the mountain of cultural barriers, lead my experience of life, (albeit one in a place that is not native to my own flesh and blood.) If you lead your life from your heart, then you will resonate with those you need to. Being young and living in China, maybe it was naïveté, but I knew I could never learn every spoken and unspoken custom and I would exhaust myself and diminish my own spirit by trying too hard. But language, yes, it was/is an absolute must, as so many others here have reinforced. I know this may not apply to where you are in life, but I learned Chinese by traveling by myself and being overly outgoing on trains, busses, walking through the countryside, speaking to Chinese people from all over the country of all walks of life. I would volunteer to tutor some of the street cafe’s owners’ kids on my days off, and would always be fed in return, but it also just developed trust among the locals in the neighborhood. I am by nature introverted and content to be alone with my thoughts and God, but I really had to transform while living abroad and go beyond by comfort levels into the optimal learning zone.

It almost feels like a lifetime ago because I am not so young anymore, now focused on raising my family, but I look back fondly on a great part of that decade living there and always feeling cared for and living a good life of ‘help and be helped’ which I still go by today, though circumstances and my immediate environment have changed so much. In fact, I am today living in the 50th place I’ve ever lived, and I’m 37 years old. I hope I will not be always so nomadic and that someday soon we will be rooted into the land and grow and thrive there for many years, but I have always found community wherever I’ve been and I now have a few good friends from various places I’ve lived around the world to whom I will always be close. And many, many others whom I recognize I will most likely never see on earth again but we can pray for each other or at least be grateful for our time spent together and our lessons learned.

There were lonely and dark times but I found my own poetry came flowing then and I grew deeper in self-awareness and convicted in my soul’s path here on this earthly pilgrimage. And then I started a blog and connected with other poets around the world and I will forever value the correspondence we had and the virtual community we created while sharing with one another our deepest parts of ourselves. I do agree with Ginger and Abraham, who commented on belonging. It is basic human nature to gravitate toward something bigger than ourselves and to need the company of and to love other human beings/sentient beings.

A lot has happened in this past tumultuous year and while I used to think it was intentional community and living with others and communing with the land together, now I know that it is actually really good relationships with my neighbors that I am seeking and care to cultivate. I’d suggest to start with your literal neighbors. Invite them for meals, extend a hand for how you can help them or enrich their lives in any way. Have drum circles (that’s what we do:) In our married life we have always had such good neighbors no matter where we’ve lived and I feel like I’ve always had neighbors I could count on in times of need.

Lastly, I wanted to mention the importance of staying emotionally close to family. I could not have gotten through the past six months without my father’s and his wife’s gentle and wise counsel, my brothers’ and my sister’s generosity, my mother’s grace and wit. We are so different ideologically yet they are and will always be the ones I know love me and my own little family the most. So even if you are physically distant from any family you may have in your homeland, still find space/time to connect and check in.
7 months ago
A few more:
It Makes No Difference - The Band
St. Andrew’s Fall (aka St. Andrew’s Hall) - Blind Melon
Beyond this moment - Patrick O’Hearn
Fides Tua - Tigran Hamasyan
Dover to Dunkirk - Railroad Earth
Here’s a live version, good quality:

And this is so chilling, but it needs the soprano singing Ave Maria and definitely the timpani bombs during the Firestorm. Here’s the best performance of Daniel Buckvich’s Symphony No. 1: In Memoriam, Dresden, 1945

I’d be interested to hear how any of these pieces/songs move you.
8 months ago

Jordan Holland wrote:A song about the famous soldiers' truce in 1915 for Christmas. It's virtually impossible to sing all the way through without choking up.

I’ve been going through all these songs today and I’d really like to know the artist/song to which you’re referring here, as now it says the video is private. I really felt the Suzanne Vega song you posted.

Some of my saddest songs would be:
The Butcher’s Boy - Kronos Quartet and Natalie Merchant
Expecting to Fly - Buffalo Springfield
Sara - Bob Dylan
Starless - King Crimson

And John above mentioned Nutshell by Alice In Chains. Definitely. The unplugged version.
8 months ago
The first that comes to mind is Kronos Quartet and Natalie Merchant’s version of the old ballad, ‘The Butcher’s Boy.’ Utterly haunting.

8 months ago
If you are going to need water for irrigation, be aware that CSKT has recently regained jurisdiction over non-tribal upstream water rights. This has meant very high cost (some find unsustainable) for ranchers and farmers in the Mission Valley. (Lake County, between Missoula and Kalispell.)

8 months ago
Hi Justin,

We are a family of five, currently north of Missoula, and we are interested in opening dialog with you and perhaps coming out for a visit sometime soon. We are homeschooling our children, and the dynamic relationship we have with Christ is our “religion.” We are open to options as far as the long-term, but would probably prefer purchasing land with other families and building infrastructure together. It seems like if land is already owned by one individual or family, then power/psychological rank unfortunately seeps in, no matter the equitable spoken intentions. My husband has tools and over ten years experience in carpentry. If you have any questions for us or want to set something up, please send me a message and we can exchange email/phone. Peace be with you.
10 months ago