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Recent posts by Neal Collins

Hi there Permies. There's a very special home in the Foster Powell neighborhood in Portland that has been transformed to an amazing oasis that is for sale right now. It would be great to see this go to the right person with ecological values rather than someone that will buy it for just the home and ADU and then rip out the extensive gardens and landscaping (this happens more than you'd imagine).

Here's a link to the listing website: Oasis on 72nd
1 month ago
I'd recommend checking out our company Latitude | Regenerative Real Estate. We are a group of value-aligned real estate professionals across North America that are working towards the revitalization and regeneration of our homes and habitats.

The basis of our work infuses the philosophies of regeneration and permaculture in real estate ownership. We work with sellers of unique and extraordinary properties to highlight sustainable and regenerative features. Our work with buyers includes land, farms, homesteads, intentional communities, and even conventional urban homes that we then help provide guidance to transform it into a regenerative home.

Here's a latest listing we have of a permaculture oasis with a house, workshop, and greenhouse in the heart of Portland, Oregon:

Our website is
We have a real estate group dedicated to sustainable and regenerative properties that works throughout the country called Latitude (

Our work encompasses both urban and rural. Our regenerative work has the cornerstones of health and wellness, sustainability, ecology, and community.

We currently have an organic urban farm for sale in N. Portland.

Hope your sale goes well! There are buyers out there that are looking for properties exactly like yours with the intent to be good stewards.
This is exactly what my wife and I have been searching for Alec. It'd be great to connect.

10 months ago