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Thanks, but I'm def gonna work on this further. Just cleaning the spruce tips wasn't enough. But boiling them will ruin the nutrition.

I think I might have to try and mash them in something, then put that in the water.
2 months ago
After having read the list of allowed plants, despairing that I couldn't find any in the local state park, I went out looking for Spruce.

Blue Spruce in particular, is very distinct from other spruces and pines, and very distinct from Yew and other toxic trees.

Nice thing about Blue Spruce is the entire tree is edible. Bark, cambium, 'fruit', and the boughs themselves.

It was even used by the US Army back in the 1800s, as part of their rations.
2 months ago
Old showerhead, not been messed with since I moved in. Perfect time to clean it up!
2 months ago
This plus my last post, which is them being mixed, is my submission for this BB. Now, they are delicious, and I am a mite bit drunk after tieing several on from my 16 oz on the first post.

This is delicious, I am making bread and butter from scratch, and soon I shall lose consciousness in a nice warm bed. Gnite all!
Oh, it's hardly done yet. I'll pop it in the oven in a few, and either update the post or add a new one linking to the first.

For now, I'm cleaning up, and getting everything else ready.
Oh yee wanna recipe do ye?

5-1/2 cups of all purpose flower.
1/2 cup of granulated sugar. This is largely to cut the bitterness of any hops from our 4th ingredient, and also to promote early rising.
1 tsp yeast, prepared in 1 cup warm water, with 1 tsp sugar to wake up. Leave out 30 mins to begin foaming.
32 oz Miller High Life, of which 16 is reserved for the Chef to drink. The rest goes into the bowl.
1/4 lb unsalted butter.
Lastly, a quick dash of olive oil.

This is a beer bread, and they have a few specific problems.

1, there's no fat in beer, so we need to replace it from something. Otherwise, our crumb will suffer.

2, beer and yeast both rise bread, so this is in danger of rising too much. Again, this ruins the crumb.

The butter is there for the fat content, as is the olive oil.

For the rising, we'll be salting this once it expands a bit, so none of that leaving overnight.
Well, I'm getting Hungry, so this looks like a fine BB to go for. The first video is also me sliding and egg around on a cast iron, since I don't think I have that one yet.

Recipe was decently simple.

1 lb beef chunks.
1 lb precooked rice from another BB.
3 modern large eggs.
3 tsp soy sauce
3 tsp sriracha
2.5 lb assorted raw veg (Carrot, Broccoli, Snap Peas, Bell Pepper, Baby Cob Corn, and Mushrooms.)

Premade 'oriental sauce' tossed in freezer. I can do much better with less.

Soap used is some Seventh Generation laundry sauce. Works fine on dishes, and is completely non toxic, greywater safe, etc,.

You could drink it if it didn't taste like soap. And I tested. It tastes heavily of straight up soap. No chemical burn, aftertaste, etc,.

Ingestion instructions is literally to drink water to get the taste out. Nothing else.
2 months ago
About a week of dishes and other sundries ready to wash.
2 months ago
My normal dish soap isn't greywater friendly, it's just some Dawn.

But, I do have seventh generation for my clothes, and it should cut grease and everything else just fine.
2 months ago