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since Aug 16, 2020
"I've always dreamed big, those dreams just never included indoor plumbing" - me

"If you want people to build a ship, don't have them search for wood to build the ship. Teach them to long for the endless immensity of the ocean..and they will build a ship." - Antoine De Saint-Exupery, author of The Little Prince

"Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing."- Abraham Lincoln
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Recent posts by Andy John

Thanks for sharing.

Love seeing multi-functional designs. Keep us posted.
3 weeks ago
Great idea.

Have you found solutions for the freezing and leak issues?

I live in 4-5 zone and am very interested in ways to better heat and insulate a 4 season greenhouse.

Please keep posting on this idea...
3 weeks ago

Mike Barkley wrote:TEGs are rather expensive for the amount of electricity they produce. Solar panels might be a better option unless you need very little electricity.


The Termo Electric will be winter back-up and a way to trickle charge on darker days.
3 weeks ago

Gerry Parent wrote:Hi Andy,  

The first stove that comes to mind is the masonry cookstovemasonry cookstove designed by Matt Walker.
This will definitely cover 1 & 3.
For heating water, some form of internal coil could be added.
I couldn't find anywhere on the link you gave how electricity is being produced by the Kimberly.

Also any time you ask one thing to do the job of 4 separate things, there is often going to be compromises in the quality or functionality of the outputs. Maybe they won't be a problem for you but it sure is an awful lot to ask of one appliance.

Yes, a 4 in 1 appliance is a lot. It's mainly my wondering if... Thanks for the Walker Stove link!

Here's a link to the electricity generation -  

1 month ago

We're going to be building off the grid, zone 4A so long cold winters. Here is my question - Can one RMH design do these 4 things:

1. Heat the living-space,
2. Heat Water ( ideally circulated very efficiently for the home and year-round greenhouse)
3. Act as at least a part-time cookstove. I love cooking on a woodstove, yet this is not the most efficient or practical method for heating a living space. ( plus in the summer it's too hot and I'd need a propane option too)
4. And Generate electricity - this is  a favorite woodstove electricity generation design -

Also, I want to build a sauna, likely a different stove altogether since the sauna will likely need to be detached from the house, but thought I'd mention it in case someone has a design that could include that too!

Would love to hear how you solve some or all these issues- via burning wood.
1 month ago

Cassie Erin wrote:. I would love a masonry type RMH with a vertical feed like these, as I could use 1-2" diameter branches of which I have SO MANY that fall to the ground of the forest,,

Thanks for the Dragonheater info, and other threads of thought your project inspired... I'm looking to build off-grid and am torn between RMH and

I want my house heat source to be at least duel purpose too - heat some water, maybe be pumped to the greenhouse, generate electricity (that is why I like the Kimberly) or to cook.

After seeing how efficient the RMH is wanting to cook via my woodstove seems wasteful to have a stove that heats less effeciently. Maybe there is a way I can combine both, or better yet all 4 uses?

As far as drafts in your house, it sounds like the insulation or windows have issues. Years ago I lived in an old row house that has interior plexiglass windows we attached inside over the original old windows and it made a huge difference, cost less than new windows, and maintained the original design charm.

1 month ago
Don't short-sell yourself or your product.

Discounting up front is a poor choice.  People shop on value, NOT price. At least the loyal fan-based type of customers you want to attact.

Etsy isn't a discount site, it's a site to feature handcrafted items. Handcrafted things made with love and intention bring a premium price!

A pre-sale is a good idea, just remember the "pre" in pre sale isn't about disconting, it's about connecting with those customers who "want to be first" and or ensure they getone before they're gone. This is a limited run calendar announcing a pre-sale is a way to let potential customers know they need to act NOW before the calendars are gone... (sales come in Jan-Feb, if you have anyleft after the calendar year has started.)

Make sure you get digital contact info for all buyers so you can send them other offers and info about the farm. When you like farm-life but can't or don't live on a farm, your calendar is a way to build an audience and for non-farmers to join in the adventure of farm life!

FYI - I work as a small Business Advocate and Marketing Coach and am a vendor for the SBA, so this info isn't something I'm just guessing at. - All the best!
2 months ago

What small space designers or ideas are your favorites?

What have you experienced with small space design that you like or not so much?

Links and Pics welcome!

We're looking at building a home, it won't be a tiny home yet we want to use many tiny home ideas. It will be a 900-1,000 sq ft Dome home, emphasizing an open floor plan with very small "master bedroom" and large, yoga/dance/exercise/creative space and lots of light for some indoor food production.

Thanks! Looking forward to seeing your posts...
2 months ago
Great calendar!

Do the math, but if you're able to make the price an even $15.00 each all included (tax/shipping) it's affordable and you'd likely pocket a bit more, and might be able to make a two or more price of $12.00.

I'm a Business Advocate that works with small businesses and of luck!
2 months ago
You can always move the altitude. Just snowed 3 inches yesterday here!

I've lived in the South, too uggh chigger and all the other getting on and under your skin bugs...very few insects at 9,
2 months ago