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Hi. So I updated my profile and added bumper stickers but for some reason when I hit submit and went back to my profile nothing was there. When I went back to check everything I entered had gone my Biography and signature too. I am using chrome, am I doing something wrong?

Ash Jackson wrote:This sounds like an awesome project to get to be a part of! Thanks for sharing it.

You mention a wood stove; do you think the landowner might be able to warm up (ha ha) to the idea of a Rocket Mass Heater?

You never know! Good suggestion
1 month ago
Washing dishes before during and after...

Dishwashing soap is Dr Bronners sal suds and vinegar which I let sit with lemons for a while before mixing in - biodegradable and grey water friendly:

This is a dishwasher load for me. I would have packed this and run it!
1 month ago
Sweeping the floor- before during and after
1 month ago
Not sure if this makes it - but I thought it was pretty cool.

This is me making apple sauce having picked the apples from a local farm. The recipe is so simple. Just put all the apples peeled and cored into a big pot and boil with a bit of water. Add lemon juice and cinnamon to taste - I don't use very much. And viola.

The canning method I used was wax.
Here is my knife sharpening BB. Blunt tearing of an envelope. Sharpening set up and two stages of sharpening and honing of one of the knives and then the final sharp cutting of the same envelope.
1 month ago

Ashley Liddiard wrote:I hope this constitutes as a BB because I was half way through taking photos! and its a lengthy process...

I have celiac and make this regularly to help with healing leaky gut.

Making healing bone broth from scratch:

Get beef bones (oh my heavens these things are expensive at the moment wth)

Bake beef bones for 20m at 450F then turn over and broil for 10m
Add bones to:
6qts of filtered water
1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
A few springs of fresh thyme
A couple carrots - cut in chunks
A couple celery - cut in chunks
An 8in piece of kelp
A rough cut onion

Bring to a boil and then start simmering. After an hour remove any icky sediment that comes to the surface
After 12 hours siphon off the oil by labeling it and throwing it out (or putting it over your dog's food)
For beef bones leave simmering for min 24 hours - ideally 72 hours.

Pictures included are 1) everything in the pot starting to boil 2) the oven tray after taking off the bones (they suggest using parchment paper but I just dont know what heating that stuff up does) and 3) the broth after 20 hours (it's still going and will leave it for another day or so.)

Not sure how to edit my post - or if that's possible? but here is the completed broth! After cooking for 72hrs you remove the bones and filter the broth. I keep it in glass jars and freeze a good portion of it. Then drink a mug a day as a snack. Healing bone broth here you go!

I am so excited about building a cabin in the woods that is completely off grid. Water catchment with composting toilet and wood fired stove. In an serendipitous encounter I am helping in a farm in rural OH and one of the things we are doing are building container homes for guests, air bnb and otherwise, to come and experience off the grid living and farm life. This is a very special farm that is al natural and are looking to grow heritage wheat, corn and rye and teach people about local plants and forest and land stewardship. Glad to be part of this journey. Personally I am learning every step of the way and hope to one day be on a farm full time living the permies way.
2 months ago

I wanted to add this because I really believe in what this little farm is doing in rural OH. I met them with a chance stay at their air bnb and now I travel there to help on weekends. Their vision is to have an educational facility where people go to live off grid and enjoy farm life while learning about farming the right way and proper maintenance of a forest and native plants. They have many varieties of plants but the ones they are looking to commercialise (and I hope they get it right) are Banatka wheat (as a person with Celiac this is the one I am most interested in) Rye and Elderberries.

A couple weeks ago we disked the land - went over it about 5 times before planting this last weekend. In future they want to do no till but need equipment for that. So we disked and this weekend we planted Rye and Wheat. With the Rye we planted Vetch and red and white clover and with the wheat red and white clover. They started with a handful of seeds and over the past three years have built it to where we plated 5 acres! I am so excited to see the journey of growth and love learning about no fertilizer, no pesticide ancient heritage grains that I am so hopeful I can actually eat (and drink beer and pizza and coissents - trust me its rough being celiac.