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Stumbled onto this thread this morning. @Mike Haasl How does it feel now you are more years in?

Mike Haasl wrote:

paul wheaton wrote:
I think that there are homesteaders that are not using permaculture techniques - they work a lot.  Year after year to keep it all moving forward.

I think that there are homesteaders that are just getting started with permaculture.  The first few years is a lot of work.  Then it just gets easier.

I agree wholeheartedly.  I'm the second one but I'm still in the first year...

What a great Ted Talk!

I'd like to plant up some disused land and have emailed the local council who probably own it. I'm waiting to hear back about that. I'm not guerilla enough to just get on with it!

1 month ago
Hi everyone,

I've found a few disused looking bits of land in between houses/garages and I've emailed the town council to enquire about starting some community gardening on them. Has anyone had got any experience of doing this? Please share any wisdom you have.  I'm a member of the community allotment in my town but these extra plots could be mini food forests or more educational with plaques showing info on the plants there. I'm in Gloucestershire, England.
1 month ago
I followed a tip I saw about squeezing the excess liquid out of the grated potato, this worked well (unlike the first time I tried hash browns). I had to trim the video down to fit into 30 seconds so hopefully, I show everything needed.  I cleaned up using a damp cloth.  This is a new family favourite which we have on days where I want to have chips but not the oven on!

Here are my supplies for my sewing box, it made me hi through which was very helpful!

2 months ago
I can't wait to play with these, I've got to print it out first though :)
2 months ago
I like the layout of the first option with the green background, but I prefer the bottom three pictures of the last option. It's mainly the picture in the left-hand corner - I can't tell what it is and it's a funny shape for the food.
2 months ago
I washed a days worth of dishes by hand (family of 4) for this badge bit,using ecoleaf washing up liquid which is septic safe and biodegradable

Our washing up bowl is 6l and I used 2 bowls of water to wash the dishes. The first bowl of water I washed up mainly plates, cutlery and a few bowls, mixing bowl and rice cooker. The second bowl I did the stoneware, no soap used for that and I scrape stoneware clean under running water that goes into the washing up bowl.

2 months ago
The first loaf was cinnamon buns and the second of usual loaf for sandwiches. Both have the same base recipe of 3 cups of bread flour (mix of white and seeded for the sandwich loaf), 1 cup water, 2tsp salt and 3/4 cup of sourdough starter. Mix and then knead for 10 minutes.
I then usually put in the loaf tin, score and put in the cold oven overnight with a timer set to bake it in the morning.
The cinnamon rolls have a few extra steps : leave to rise for 2 hours, then roll out and spread with a mix of sugar, cinnamon and a little oil. Roll up and cut off slice, arrange in baking pan and leave in oven overnight on timer.

Here are the pics
Whoops, I missed the 20 foot requirement! Don't think I have room for that. A small one will still help the wildlife though. 😊
2 months ago