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I grew up farm-adjacent and actively hated all farm-related activities. I discovered permaculture by accident on the internet about the same time I realized what a terrible state the world is in, and realized that producing the necessities of life and working with nature sounded a lot more useful (and enjoyable) than endless fields of corn and soybeans. I'm still an apartment-dweller right now, but someday I'll have some land and a food forest!
Northeast Indiana (zone 6a)
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My partner requested I repair a hole near the hem of his favorite pair of long underwear. I didn't have anything gray in my scrap pile, but the black fabric is nice and thick and probably a good choice for reinforcing the thinning fabric anyway. It's not the prettiest patch job, but it's an under layer so it doesn't really matter if it looks nice - it works and that's what matters.
1 week ago
Forgot to take a picture of the mess before I ran the self-cleaning cycle - hopefully a picture of the gunk after the cycle ran but before wiping out counts?

I've never run a self-cleaning oven before, but after my partner's attempt at a pumpkin pie leaked all over, I figured I'd give it a shot! Everything wiped away with a damp sponge, no other cleaners required.
1 week ago
I don't have much floor to sweep (everywhere but the kitchen and bathroom is carpeted), but between a long-haired dog, a cat, and a lot of cooking, the dirt builds up!
1 week ago
I just realized I've earned 5 BBs!

1. Commerce (develop a residual income stream) https://permies.com/p/1153334
2. Commerce (do labor over the internet) https://permies.com/p/1153350
3. Natural Medicine (create a natural medicine journal) https://permies.com/p/1153243
4. Nest (set up a cloth napkin system) https://permies.com/p/1163311
5. Textiles (darn a hole) https://permies.com/p/1163304
2 weeks ago

r ranson wrote:I suspect that if using other natural fibres, there would be an extra step like talking about the method you choose for that fibre and why.

That absolutely makes sense, once I get another batch to take pictures of I'll make sure to include that.
3 weeks ago
I see wool, cotton, linen, and silk all listed as fibers that will count towards this badge. Is there a possibility to submit an alternative fiber? The fiber I have the most access to is Newfoundland fiber from my dog, which is quite similar to wool in terms of washing/spinning. Would I be able to use that for one of the requirements, or would I have to submit that for oddball points?
3 weeks ago
I've collected an assortment of cloth napkins over the years. We keep most of them in a drawer in the kitchen, but we do have a wooden napkin holder my spouse made that we use to keep some accessible on the kitchen table (when it gets low we replenish it with more from the drawer). Under the sink we keep a small trash can that we've converted to a "laundry basket" for dirty kitchen linens - napkins, dish towels, dish cloths, etc. We wash the contents of that basket along with with the contents of our general towel basket (bath towels, hand towels, towels we used to dry the dog after she was out in the rain, etc.) in a washing machine on a the "energy saving" setting with laundry detergent. Usually we run the washing machine on cold unless there's something particularly greasy on something.
1 month ago
Apologies in advance if the black on black is hard to see - I wanted the darning to be fairly unobtrusive since I want to be able to wear the sweater to work still. I took a lot of progress pictures with the needle in it so hopefully it's more evident that I went far enough outside the boundaries of the hole.

Started with a sweater with a hole in the sleeve, some thin black yarn from my stash, and a tapestry needle inherited from my grandmother. It didn't turn out perfect by any means, but it's not too bulky and since the hole was on the underside of the sleeve it's not super noticeable and my black work sweater is wearable again just in time for fall.
1 month ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:
It has been fixed!
It's an old thread, but a recurrent problem.
Welcome to permies!

Thanks, Pearl! It seems to have worked now. Appreciate your help :)
So I know this is an old thread, but I was trying to work on the scavenger hunt and I don't have the bumper sticker option in my settings and I can't find a "bumper stickers enabled" checkbox anywhere.