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since Jul 30, 2020
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Recent posts by Rebecca Marcella

I haven't exactly escaped it nor do I want to. But the pandemic has created a level of flexibility in my life i didn't know i needed. I work as a therapist at a group practice. I work on a hybrid model and set my own schedule. I work Monday 9-11am Tues in office 9:30- (whenever I decide to leave) and Wed-Fri 10-6 (I often end my days early but I take calls, read mail and am open for sessions until 6). Because i'm working from home 4/5 days of the week I have a lot of space to use my downtime for other things like visiting neighbors (helped with a neighbor's bees last week midday on a tuesday), gardening, walking the dog, cleaning, sewing etc.

I will NEVER again go back to full time in office work. It's just unnecessary.
thank you for this response! I think I'm my meals I'm doing pretty well, we tend to buy bulk ingredientsand's snacking that is my culprit because I love to graze and I LOVES SALTY starchy THINGS. I find when I'm stressed i reach for the chips and bread and stuff. I am not obsessed with sweetbut savory oh boy that's where they get me. savory fast food,savory cchips, fried stuff etc

I guess I'm doing better than most but I'm a perfectionist

3 weeks ago
I really don't know where else to talk about this. I was watching a video today about vegetable oils and their negative health impacts and I just found myself feeling concerned and frustrated. I know logically that the best way to increase my longevity and overall health in life is through diet and exercise. I am not exceedingly unhealthy. I have a normal body weight, I exercise in some form (walking, gym, disc golf, gardening etc) 3-4 times a week, and I eat a mixed diet of processed foods and home cooked meals. But I just feel so utterly frustrated by just how HARD it is to eat an ancestral or ideal diet in this global industrial civilization.

If I were to be in my ideal health I would be eating essentially an unprocessed diet with whole grain freshly milled non rancid flours, no vegetable seed oils, no industrial foods etc.

But I cannot do that and the reasons are manyfold. First of all I have a history with a severe eating disorder, any sort of restrictive diet for me is very triggering and can create a re-incidence of anorexia. Secondly I have a number of chronic mental health issues that impact my ability to executive function including cooking for myself, preparing food, food textures/flavors, remembering eating meals etc. I REGULARLY struggle with low appetite and I can get in slumps where I just don't eat. Then add on the barriers of industrial civilization wherein healthy food is EXPENSIVE and time consuming to produce and make consumable. And there just seems to be secret terrible ingredients everywhere, it's hard to even navigate a grocery store without CONSTANT advertisement and bombardment, Farmer's markets are expensive as fuck, and food prep is exhausting after seeing 5+ psychotherapy clients in a given day. So even if i'm cooking at home it feels like i'm introducing toxicity into my life like through GMOs, unsprouted/rancid grains and flours, weird unpronouncable additives etc.

And trust me i'm already doing a lot. We eat grass fed beef and lamb that we buy in bulk. We cook as much as we can manage. We eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. I rarely consume sodas except as a treat a few times a month. I only eat candy here and there as a treat. I buy chips in small packages so im not eating several servings at a time. etc etc.

sometimes it's just an uphill battle to get ENOUGH food and energy into my body let alone the RIGHT food.

I am so frustrated by a system that is not evolved for someone like me. I have a hunter gatherer's brain. I like to meander, pick things up, talk, move around and spend as minimal time as possible being a "productive member of society". I wish I could go back in time and keep some of the aspects of modern life like medicine  while keeping the aspects of indigenous societies that we evolved for like walking, gathering, tight knit social communties, and real fucking food.
3 weeks ago

R. Han wrote:Most nut trees are fatty, it is advised to also eat starch.

So plant chestnuts if applicable in your location, those are high in starches.

I have read somewhere that in fromer times, the rulers wanted the commoners to get rid of the chestnut trees,
because with the chestnut tree in their backyard the commoner was less likely to go to work to earn coin to exchange that for food.

Why is the high fatty content a problem? I would assume it would be a good thing in the same way that indigenous artic people ate high fat diets from animal fats. Also couldn't you get enough carbs and sugars from the fruit sources?
1 month ago
I know they say you need like something like 5 acre per person to feed a human being right? Like this makes sense assuming a "standard modern diet". We're talking corn, wheat, meat etc.

But realistically is it possible to reduce that land requirement by changing what we consider to be staple crops? For example if your average city lot had several semi-dwarf trees of various fruit, nut, olive etc varieties , plus maybe a backyard animal crop like chickens, rabbits etc might a couple or small family (i.e 2 parent plus kid) be able to get closer to self sufficiency on say 1/4 acre or less? I don't assume they could EVER reach full self sufficiency because of how much FEED animals require, and how hard it is to get enough nutrient input into the soil, but certainly dependence on the global industrial food system could be lessened? And perhaps this model of using more indigenous and traditional staple crops would improve community resiliency to climate change??

One of the things that got me thinking about this was reading more about traditional indigenous diets of the PNW and how the majority of their calories came from nuts (Nut meal/flour) fruit and wild animals. I was reading Parable of the Sower last year and one of the food sources referenced by our apocalyptic main character was acorns.

I wish I could jump ahead 5 years to when all my fruit and nut trees are fully producing and see just how much they can supplement the diet or even in what places home grown crops could replace commercial staples.

PS: Try not to be too harsh on my silly ideas i'm young and still dreaming!
1 month ago
have you looked into southern cuisine? A lot of the cuisine of the south was invented by poor black folks and poor white folks due to limited resources and or slavery. You had to make do with what you had. This lead to good tasting but cheap to make food

Examples of southern cuisine

"A traditional Southern meal is pan-fried chicken, field peas (such as black-eyed peas), greens (such as collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, or poke sallet), mashed potatoes, cornbread or corn pone, sweet tea, and dessert—typically a pie (sweet potato, chess, shoofly, pecan, and peach are the most common)"

there's also soul food which includes more spices haha

Grits can be made with spinach, cheese, grilled onions etc. with a saucy meat. love some shrimp and  grits.

Then of course you have louisiana/ missisipi basin cuisine. Also very good.
3 months ago

 I reuse dog food bags for various thins; I am interested; how do you sew the feed bags together?  Do you hand sew them? Use a  sewing machine? If you use a sewing machine, which thread weight and needle do you use? if hand sewing, what weight in thread? TIA!

not the op but i think you can do this with a sewing machine using leather needle (110) and either overlocking thread(if your machine has overlocking function) or heavy duty thread. This would be a NIGHTMARE to hand sew.
4 months ago
Are sexy things and horizontal exercise are they not the same thing haha
4 months ago
We don't like cabbage. I stopped growing it. I might grow one or two plants tops for a summer salad/spring rolls but that's it.

I am looking to try carrots again but i'm still not 100% sure about it. Same with potatos. I let my partner replant potatoes....haha we'll see how that goes. I personally gave up.

I don't grow food i don't like i.e brussel sprouts.

I do grow: fruits can't wait for raspberries, blueberries, hardy kiwi, apple, cherry etc to come into their own. strawberries.

I do grow: tomatoes (oh my god it's just so good), pumpkin and squashes because they store so well, leafy greens, eggplant, hot peppers, beans, I'm hoping for corn and okra this year just because I want to know if I could do it in this climate. Amaranth, Asparagus.

I like to urban forage : Oregon Grape, Blackberries and figs

And flowers. I just love flowers I know they're not food but they're morale.