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since Jul 27, 2020
Registered nurse (mostly ER and trauma)for 37 years. Retired last August partly for health reasons. I purchased 33+ acres of mostly forest land on a hilltop before retiring with plans to start homesteading. Started raised bed gardens last year (plus over winter garden), chickens this Spring. Thinking of meat chickens for fall harvest. Lots to learn and am eager to do so.
Matlock, Washington
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Great choices!  Thanks for the fun!
3 days ago
Hi.  Thanks for the clarification, but I don't see the embedded link or the "paypal" place in the first post.  I followed each link above in case it was in another post, but didn't find it there either.  It is in "my stuff", but when I click on it, it takes me to this posting.  Some fancy text or something would be helpful I guess.  Thanks.
1 month ago
Congratulations to the winners!!  Enjoy the book.  Thank you so much Leigh for some wonderful information.
1 month ago
I'm past 65 and all the ideas above (as well as the concerns) ring true for me.  I've been using raised beds but needing more space so next year I'm adding an in-ground garden.  I've found some garden tools that work better with my messed up hands and try to make myself use the hand truck and yard cart to haul things.  I forget that 40 pounds of chicken feed is kind of a lot to go hoisting around the property.  I'm also trying to figure out how I can use my tractor for more things.  I've started having balance problems so - am pretty leery of getting up on a ladder or onto the roof.  
The heat issue was really a problem this year too.  And as mentioned above, I finally decided to do only necessary tasks outside.  Welcome again and looking forward to discussion your visit has inspired.
1 month ago
Welcome Leigh.  So glad to have you here.  I've not read your books (yet) but they sound amazing.  I am older and just started with my property late last year.  I also work it alone so am looking forward to learning about your experiences and hopefully, not have to figure out some of the things you talk to by myself.  
1 month ago
I checked it.  It shows in USD.  
1 month ago
The calendar is great!  The pictures are awesome.  I think there are some great ideas in here for you...  what I was thinking (add in shipping/tax) was already mentioned.  The other thing is you might want to put price in USD as well for those who don't do the math.  Best of luck.  I'm sure they'll sell.  Christmas is coming.
1 month ago
I haven't really known about this movement before now.  I think it's important for healthy communities.  That said, where I am, we're still on lock down, masks if out in public, social distancing, etc which I think kind of limits start up on this right now.  I'll continue to keep up on the topic, learning more, so that if we ever get out of this situation - I'll have some of the "learning" work already done.
1 month ago