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Wildlife that consume acorns as an important part of their diets include birds, such as jays, pigeons, some ducks, and several species of woodpeckers. Small mammals that feed on acorns include mice, squirrels and several other rodents.
2 days ago
You made your own corset??? wow that's great
1 week ago
Hai there! Just wanted to ask for second opinion. Anybody here ever build a bee house before? I am thinking of building one at the back of my house. Read about it. But still a bit confuse. It is advisable to build the house from breathable material. Can I use Bamboo? Or should I use real wood? A little help would be wonderful!
2 weeks ago
You know you're a permie when a sunny, breezy day comes and your first thought is, "YES! Perfect day to do laundry!"

-then my mother is a permit:)
2 weeks ago
You're so creative. I found it hard to do woodwork but you have done beautifully.
2 weeks ago
Your cat is all cute and beautiful.
3 weeks ago
it does look like a goat the first look but then when I search for racoon then, I'm sure that is racoon.
1 month ago