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Over a period of several years I have actually read most of the posts in the SEED AND BREEDING sub-forum. I sometimes find one that looks interestingly like I have not seen it, but when I open it I find that I have read it already. That is how interested and invested I am. Really! I am geek- nurd- obsessed. Permies is the only forum in general  that I even begin to feel well I hesitate to say "normal" in my interests and beliefs, because even here I am pretty out there.

I will try to post in said / suggested sub-forum and see what happens.

I was not clear on the first point and thanks Greg for catching that. I wanted to know how to divert the SEED BANK ETC conversation to a different sub-forum. Now I have decided to copy/paste from my singles post the material that gives a natural lead into the SEED BANK ETC topic.

So for now I guess I will deal with both issues in the above ways.

I am sorry.

Why would you imply by using that link that I am trying to be rude?
Hello Friends

I guess I could have been more clear. I previously had found and read most of the pages of those above posted links and more on Permies. I guess you would not be able to track that I did read them as most of that reading was done before I had joined. Those posts definitely are of interest to me, but they do not suit the topic that I believe has merit.

In replies to my singles post Kevin Wilson spoke to my founding of the OISB and that subject could 1) derail my singles post, 2) go on back and forth quite well as I, Kevin, and others have a lot to say and muse upon that has not to my knowledge been commented on here in Permies. I believe quite a number of others could also contribute, but if it were stuffed into a tomato breeding discussion or just left in my singles post, who would benefit?

What I am asking for is not a further discussion of breeding or saving vegetable seed-- for example, spinach or tomato seed, or how to save wheat, chestnut, or other staple crop seed-- annual or perennial, rather what are the issues in obtaining seed that is not in the open market, how much seed does one receive from an international or national seed bank and why, what happens when one brings seed in from outside of their own country, the typology of seed banks ( international, national, professional breeders, community, and personal seed banks; and seed libraries) all with different modes of operation and goals, why some community seed banks or seed libraries prosper and some do not. Why do these things matter?

Again I apologize in advance for forgetting some relevant point that I will think of as soon as there is another response or in the middle of the night.

Hello Friends,

Awesome site. YES! Thank you.

I have a quandary, a question.

I have searched this site for the correct person with whom to correspond on the topic below, but came away unsure who would be best to correspond with.

I would like to take part of the content from my singles advert (!!! SM 69 still very active. Citizen of extreme NW Cascadia ) and copy it to a reasonable place in the GROWIES forum, but I do not see that place. Could a new sub-forum be created to house discussions of "Seed Banks, Seed Libraries, Personal Seed Collections, ETC" ?

I cannot promise to add content very often but I will write stuff there as I have time. In addition to the gardening and ordinary seed saving I did since a at least 10yo child, I do have some 35+ years experience collecting seeds and ending up with more than 1000 accessions that are regularly grown out. These are the basis for the Orcas Island Community Seed Bank. The OICSB has also managed the Orcas Island Seed Library for years. I do have some small official training in seed bank management, in addition to plant breeding, etc.

I believe this is a topic that many people would be interested in that has no home as yet on Permies.

Hi Kevin

I think the answer to why seed banks and seed libraries are not as popular as they could be is a long one that deserves it's own discussion thread/sub-forum.

I am super busy at this point in the season.

I will start that thread as soon as I can. I am just learning how this forum works. Maybe I need help.

Installing a wood stove in Washington state with out a permit in a yurt and then renting out said yurt has caused  a cascade of problems. Be careful.
2 weeks ago
Hi Kevin Wilson,

Thanks for noticing the seed bank stuff. I have lots of more boring pictures, basically mug shots of individual grain varieties, blue background and all. Years ago, several community seed banks started up in your part of Canada. Are they still going?

2 weeks ago