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Limburg, Flanders, Belgium
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Thank you very much!

The coop was actually built by my father-in-law, about 20 years ago when my in-laws still gardened and raised chickens. It was his first big project after he retired from a job he had hated for 35 years, and he spent many months designing it and building it. It has three departments: the lower floor was for the meat roosters, the middle floor was for the laying hens, and the penthouse was for the cats. The hens and roosters had separate entries into the coop and separate pens too. Right now, the rooster department is used as storage for food and bedding, and I have partially added the kitty section to the hen house. So now they have a fairly large mansion between the four of them now!

My father-in-law passed away in May 2019 and yesterday was his birthday (coincidentally, I didn't plan it to work out like that), so it felt extra special to have the coop in use again on that day <3
1 month ago
A month or two ago I posted about debating between chickens or ducks and I got some great responses! We decided on chickens and I got to work on building the pen and fixing the coop. And yesterday, I went and picked up four lovely hens. One is a Marans from 2019, and there's a Brahma cross, an Araucana cross and a Orpington Buff all from this year. The Marans is laying and the Araucana cross is expected to start soon.

Ultimately, I made a permanent pen of about 20' by 40' surrounding the coop. There is a small paddock of 10' by 30' that I can give them access to, and the pen has two exits that I can connect some hot chicken wire to, in order to have them walk around certain areas of the garden. It is as close to the rotating paddock system as we could get here, and I think since there's only four if them, it will work out well.

Our little boy is so happy too! The hens all have such distinct personalities and we love watching them peck around and finding out what they like to eat.

Yay chickens! My garden just got upgraded on the Happy Place Scale!

1 month ago
Oh wow! I didn't even know I entered, haha!  Thank you so much, I can't wait to read it!
1 month ago
I tried, first by semding out emails and then by putting up an online forum where we could communicate until we could meet in person. I got very enthusiastic responses, but when the forum was up, things got better covid-wise (I'm in Belgium), peoples' lives picked up again, and the whole thing just died. I'm not sure what I'll do about it, but it was very disappointing. It is hard to keep momentum going when you can't meet face to face.
1 month ago
I think this is so important. While I have been dreaming of living in a like-minded permaculture heaven community, I'm starting to realize that maybe that ain't it. We are all in this ship/t together and it is beginning to dawn on me that we need to work with what we have, where we are. Things will not change if I am going to sit around and wait for the perfect community to materialize. If I can love my neighbour, maybe I can learn a thing or two about diversity, respect for everyone's process, and recognition of our shared humanness.
1 month ago
Corn salad and winter purslane are two of my favourites!
We have a heatwave coming up with temperatures over 30 or even 35 Celsius for more than a week. Now this might not seem like much for many of you, but in our climate it is not normal (though happening more often in recent years). Last year, we got 41 Celsius which was always deemed impossible in these regions. Our garden suffered and many plants died or stopped producing.

So we came prepared this year! Lots of mulch, we upped our water storage, and I have tree spinach growing that is giving shade to many beds. Put some hay around seedlings too. Today, I scored a bunch of old transparant curtains and found some old shower curtains in the shed. Add some 'sun umbrellas' (cannot think of the English word for them!) and I can say I feel at least somewhat prepared to ride this one out.

How do other permies protect their gardens from unusual heat and sun?
Oh my G, Skandi! That is a lot of plants!

Thomas Black wrote:Lord have mercy, Sanna! I wish I had your luck with zucchini. Down here in Florida I plant 6 every month just to get a few fruit. Squash vine borer and squash bugs do a number on my plants so I constantly have to pull old ones and replant.

I will just count my blessings then :-)

Got to work on some patties for dinner, they were awesome and easy to make and I ate a whole zucchini all by myself, so that's a keeper!
Those are great ideas Douglas, thanks!
Jordan, that is exactly why I planted nine. Lost many to slugs and ildew or heat and drought before. Guess I got
lucky this year!