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Recent posts by Claire Alexander

I'm loving this thread!  We use them for drinking cups and the like, but they do break on a regular basis when taking in the go, so I'm super excited about the sleeve!!  I make yogurt in them by sticking them in the dehydrator. . . that's the only other thing I didn't see mentioned.  Thanks for all the ideas!
2 months ago

Anne Miller wrote:I hadn't heard anyone else say they are loud. that is rather unexpected.

Are they all loud?

They sound like a dehydrator, sort of.  So, not as loud as your stovetop hood, but louder than your (silent) oven.  It's similar to having a dishwasher going--it is distracting at times, but you normally don't notice it much.
2 months ago
We got the Ninja Foodie because I was so excited about the possibility of having a pressure cooker and air fryer in one.  It was more expensive because of this, but the pressure cooker function never worked properly, so I do think that having just an inexpensive air fryer would have been better.  Though I do LOVE the air fryer and use it nearly everyday!  I use it to roast chicken, cook meat from a frozen state in no time, "fry" butternut squash, sweet potatoes, acorn squash, cauliflower, etc.  You name it, it can pretty much get dumped into the fryer.  It really helps if you want to go lower carb and keep the family happy bc everyone loves fried things.  I usually save the grease that drops to the bottom from frying beef bacon or chickens and use that to slather over the veggies before cooking and it is so good (and I'm reusing it and getting more bang for my buck!)
2 months ago
I grew up on a rice farm in LA and we are sort of snobbish about how to cook rice.  As in , "bless your heart, you don't know how to cook rice" if you do it differently than the person you are talking to.  😁. Yet, everyone does it differently and it all comes out very similarly.  Here's my family's version.  Pour rice into the pot and rinse it.  Fill it over the rice to the first line in your forefinger when your finger is resting on top of the rice. Add about a T of vinegar and some salt.  Bring to a boil, then put the lid on it and lower the fire to low.  (But don't tell our neighbor because they would think that this was the craziest way to cook rice ever.  😂
I made a great, no-knead recipe that is super easy!  Here is the link

I used honey rather than maple syrup because that's what I have and I added about a T more than she calls for.  Also, I suggest adding a bit more salt bc it is sort of bland as is.  
The bread does stick to the pan, so this time, I buttered and floured the pans , which made it super easy to get it out.
Cleaned the shower head in our guest bath for the he 1st time in 13 years!  Put the vinegar bag over it and cleaned it overnight.  Scrubbed it with a recycled toothbrush and voila!  Good as new!
3 months ago
I'd love to have a mentor.  I am hoping to get a bit more land to do animals and such, but in the meantime, I am learning so much on my 1/3 acre in the suburbs.and my 6 kids are getting so into it as well.  These PEP things have been so much fun.  I'm pretty new here, so I'm still trying to find the master list, but in the meantime, I'm enjoying going over everyone's top 20.  Thanks so much for doing this!!  I certainly learn by doing and this is helping me to get up and get doing!!
We have had an abundance of chanterelles lately with all of the rain and heat.  My 12-year-old daughter and I have been enjoying our time harvesting and thinking up meals.  She made pan fried chanterelles with a dandelion butter sauce served over potatoes and I made chanterelle fried rice served with cucumber salad.  This was a fun one!
3 months ago
I'm fairly new and so excited about the PEPs. I am learning on 1/3 acre in a neighborhood while homeschooling my 6 kids.  We are all getting into learning, but I forget to document.  Usually, I have my boys pee into the watering can or on the trees, but here is less fun evidence.