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since May 29, 2020
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Recent posts by Faber vanmolkot

Cathy James wrote:Does anyone know where I can get bulbs of the newer, larger-bulbed potato onions that produce true seed more frequently?

I have the dame problem,
I live in Belgium(Europe) and i can’t dementie find optatie onions. Let alone the larger bulbs.

Any tips?
5 months ago
I am a bit dissapointed that the 50$ backers don’t get any stretch goals...

Will you be making multiple greenhouses with different setup NiX that you are 500+% gunden?
6 months ago

All these remarks seem Well thought through and are about Heat,materials, danger,...
But not much about growing.

Here is my thought,
In the current design, there is only glass to the South. Wouldn't that get the plants growing to the glass? Stretching for light (especially in the back?)

The main goal is to grow year round right?
IT would be a shame if You get the right tempetature but the plants dont grow well because off "wrong" light.

Strange Idea: some mirrors on the back wall?

Appart from that, verry interested in dimensions as i dont have much room in my garden (7meters wilde) and migt try this in the future...
7 months ago
Rebecca Norman,

What kind of plates/trays do You use?
7 months ago
Very interesting Guys.
I al gOin tot building a small dehydrator and the only thing i can't het my head around is the mesh tot put the food on.

As IT is nog that much i need i would like tot use stainless steal. Buy what is the difference netwerk woven and crimped woven?


I live in Europe/belgium...
7 months ago