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Recent posts by Jay Clayton

@Cheryl Casker
hello Cheryl.

Good luck in your search for the native plants for your area.

I have had success with a google search

Practical Permaculture –
Planting Under Pine Trees

which provides excellent solutions for shady considerations as well as acidic soil.

best of luck
Jay Clayton
@Y Chirea


Have you considered preserving and sharing?

there are many ways to preserve enough for your family during the lean days so you do not have 24/7 squash.

also, I am sure there are those in your community that would welcome fresh vegetables.  Try your local food banks, churches, etc.

if all else fails:  a simple cardboard sign on the road with several bags of vegetables could give life to those less fortunate.

good luck and God Bless.

Jay Clayton
Welcome Crystal.  Looking forward to the discussion here.

We recently moved to a 5 acre mostly wooded plot in northeast Texas (right on the cusp of zone 8a and 8b).  We are trying to not disturb the original landscape, as some of the native trees are over 300 years old.

So my questions :  how can your techniques be adapted to work with a heavily canopied land?  What species have you found that will grow near well established pine and walnut trees?

Thanks in advance!