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You may need to learn to latin dance. The Dominican woman taught me to dance in one night. They are very proud of their dancing. And they do it all the time. She told me that about half of the music comes from Dominica and all the best dancers are. I told Mexican women that and nobody argues with it. Must be true.
I love to hear more about how it goes there.
I'm open to options to the United States.
8 months ago
Sounds interesting. Having lived my life in southeast Kansas and North East Texas I have never Lived someplace that is beautiful. I'm sure there are many.
I have a big shop and thinking about building some form of tiny homes, Or more likely stealth RV.
I have a background in construction as well. How shall we communicate directly?
8 months ago
Yes it's pretty cold up there. I never understood why pioneers would settle there. After one winner I would be out of there LOL
Though the Texas heats not much better, but at least he doesn't kill you on accident. I grew up in Kansas so we had northern winters and southern summers.
Interestingly I believe that my paternal grandmother may have been Crow Indian
Ironically on my mother side we may be related to general George Custer. So I had relatives on both sides of the battle of Little Big Horn!
By the way your idea is very interesting. My son has disabilities from a motorcycle wreck. I'm thinking about how to set this up as a laboratory so people with handicaps can be self-sufficient and even raise the family on an accessible farm.
8 months ago
Hi Reyna!
You certainly do sound like a person with a big heart and a big vision. I like that. I have a lot to learn to but that's what I'm doing. It's my laboratory to figure out how this all works.
You say you found a place? Where are you located?
8 months ago
Former Kansas farmer and furniture maker. Been living in the big city for too many years married to a yuppie LOL. Now I have a little acre in the country with a nice big shop. Diving head first into farming. Would love to find somebody who is passionate about nature and self sufficiency.
My goal is to be completely off the grid even if just living in an exurb. I love doing sculpture.
My son lives with me, he's 26 and single, due to disability from a motorcycle wreck. He is also an artist and coffee roaster.
In Dallas area for now. Although I own an acre in Colorado.  I figure I will get this place set up as a lab and figure out how everything works. And find a perfect spot to move to if that is still the best option
Or perhaps you already live in the perfect spot and just need the help!
8 months ago
Hi brother, I'm just getting back into farming. I'm looking for a good woman too. I'm 57 and my son lives with me due to disabilities from a motorcycle accident. We are north of Dallas by McKinney.
I'm happy to network and share contacts of anyone crazy (intelligent) enough to homestead.
8 months ago
I'm new to the Permaculture homesteading movement, but I grew up on a 2000 acre farm and ranch in Kansas.
I forgot how much work it is LOL. Especially getting it set up. My goal is to be food self sufficient. And have a nice life. My regular business with something I'll run out at home as well.
I also flip some real estate and build three houses before I was out of high school. Plus I have a full wood shop. My first career was as a furniture maker and designer.
I love to do sculpture. My son who has disabilities due to a motorcycle wreck lives with me and he does art as well. So I'm looking for somebody awesome to join me.
8 months ago