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I love Mike Oehler and the work he's done to perfect the underground home, but I'm wondering if any different means to build the walls could be recommended.  For instance, I was watching the Townsends youtube video of the cabin build (this video in particular:, I was wondering if I might be able to build a frame with cabin methods rather than posts and shoring.  I would think that the walls of a cabin in this method would be sturdy enough to withstand the same forces that a post and shoring house would have upon it, yea, even greater forces.

I'm hoping to get good, serious advice.  If it would not be recommended and if it would fail in some way, could the method be engineered to work?  I find the method lined out in the Townsends video to be easy enough, and I think with modern tools, it would be even more easy.
1 week ago
Thank you for your comments. I read an article that a solution of creeping thyme essential oil deters ticks, so that is very promising.

I think I like what you all have told me about it. It seems to me that there's no reason for me not to love it except....

How is it to walk on? I don't want it to feel like I'm walking through a week old mowed alfalfa field. Is it going to feel like some tiny people put punji sticks everywhere in my lawn?

Could you plant it from seed Fukuoka style?
1 month ago
I've been researching creeping thyme as an alternative to lawns. I understand it's a very slow, but effective ground cover.  I figured I'd check with you guys on what you might say for or against using it in a garden area.

I've heard rumors that it will steal nitrogen from nearby plants. I don't know if that true, but if it is, that might be a deal breaker if it destroys a future food forest. Whereas I understand white clover is used as a companion plant and ground cover for the opposite reason. Can anyone substantiate or refute these allegations?

I'm curious also because I understand thyme is a deterrent for pests. Is it possible that I could have a picnic on a mat of creeping thyme without getting ticks and/or chiggers all over me? Someone told my wife on a facebook post that this was so. If so, I will become the Johnny Appleseed of creeping thyme.

Please tell me everything you know about this plant and any experience you have had with it.
1 month ago

Trace Oswald wrote:

It is, actually.

:O! It is! Wow, that's cool!
2 months ago
Is that where almond milk comes from?

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.
2 months ago

Didn't see this posted. I'm wondering if such a thing as this would be able to overwinter heat-loving trees like Depp Holtzer's leaf cages.
2 months ago
Thank you for this information! I hope this gets into one of the dailyish emails. Wormwood is one of those herbs I'm really excited about. It seems to have so many uses!

There's also sweet wormwood, which some testimonies say stops  angiogenesis.

Is there anything else you can tell me about these herbs? I've heard that wormwood can destroy one part of the lifecycle of the nematode that causes Lyme disease. Suppose administration of wormwood through the entire lifespan of the thing would help to alleviate symptoms of Lyme disease? I've also heard that wormwood can be smoked for minor entheogenic effects. If not, perhaps dmso?

I wish you had a newsletter I could subscribe to! Awesome work!
3 months ago
My family and I have been feeling similar.  I can't presume for sure what might be making you feel how you describe, but I would suggest what has helped us.  We've found B vitamins really help a lot with our mental state.  We use a "Nutritional Yeast" supplement.  We administer it by sprinkling it in our food.  Research how B vitamins affect the mind! Also for energy, try taking way too much wheat grass powder! I don't know for sure, but I'm willing to bet after taking these for a week, you'd definitely feel better!  Maybe even an hour after taking them!
3 months ago
About a minute into this video, this lady puts two seeds in clay balls. Later she's able to dig out the sprouts with the balls still intact somewhat with the roots growing out of them.

She's not throwing them on the ground like Fukuoka, but it seems pretty reliable with just two seeds per ball.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience in this before I invest my seeds into an experiment.
3 months ago
I noticed the wofati is like a Lincoln log cabin. Is this accurate? I was wondering if stacking entire logs would make for a more sound structure after backfilling it and topping it with earth like Mike Oehlar recommends for the psp home.

Would there be any difference in the need for internal posts? Ceiling span?

I don't know anything about this stuff and have yet to find a conversation about this in can I get some of your thoughts and opinions on the matter so I might more fully consider any available options?
3 months ago