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Hi there! I’m Mrs BirdCat, and together with my husband Mr BirdCat, we’re living out a quiet peaceful life in a little town called Warrnambool in Australia. We find the more we go back to the land, the happier and more at home we feel. We’re two twenty-somethings, and as neither of us has grown up on a farm, we don’t have a whole lot of experience to back us…but we learn by doing, and each day brings new lessons! Please feel free to follow along on our blog, Innisfree Homestead
Warrnambool, Australia
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Hi all! We recently purchased these two East Friesian lambs, with the idea that they'll become our future dairy sheep. We'd like to create a sheep tractor for them to give them more protection, less chance of them escaping the fence somewhere, and fixing our land with the ability to rotate them! We have half an acre paddock for them to use, as well as areas around the house etc that they can mow.

Something like this:

The plan is to move them every day. I know it may be a long shot, but would anyone here have a good idea of how big said sheep tractor should be so it actually helps the land as well as the sheep (Thinking regenerative agriculture livestock rotation)? The fodder on the paddock isn't top quality, so we'll be feeding them some hay (which we've found helps plant out the paddock too), and grain. In the future they'll also have their lambs with them for a few months (we could build a second bigger one when that time comes if needed).

Any input would be much appreciated, thanks!

In the example of growing stuff, would it work if we said, say "plant x amount of tagasaste trees, or other like trees that will help as nurse trees and fix the soil (with an explanation of why it's a good stand in)"? Then it could be a bit more country-wide.
8 months ago
Yeah, it would be great!! I'd definitely vote more for the name being PEOz though, haha. Happy to help work on something like that, but feel like I need a bit more experience myself before going about and building one.
8 months ago
I'm so glad I've found this thread, all as it may be! I love walking barefoot inside the house...and would love to outside, but unfortunately, our yard is filled with spiders O_O Any gardening job I do I usually see three or four, and here in Australia even the little ones can do a fair bit of damage. I love my bogs charlie boots because they're soft on the top (feels a bit like gloves for my feet), but soft on the bottom as well would be even better.

Looks like a lot of the soft shoe sellers mentioned here are in the States, and a quick Google in Australia just shows baby shoes. Adding another project to the making list!
8 months ago
Hey all!

I'm really excited at the thought of making a spoon as a PEP BB, (and potentially all my future cooking utensils??) but not too sure when I come up to needing a spoon knife.

Here's the facts:
- I'm accident prone, so this will be a great hobby idea
- I used to carve bows and arrows etc as a kid, but haven't tried anything like that for ~15 years.
- My husband and I are about to start our house extension, so money is a bit tied up at the moment
- I'm in Australia, so something I could get here would be best!

With all that taken into consideration, would having a spoon knife make my life a lot easier/get me a much better finished product at the end? If that's the case, what should I be looking out for when buying one?

Any other tips and tricks to make sure I have all my fingers by the end of the process would be very helpful as well, thanks!!

(PS, if someone could grant me the skills to make spoons like this guy, that'd be great! Giles Newman)
8 months ago
Seeing these three "chatting" yesterday really made me smile -- just so simple and wholesome <3 (horse belongs to the neighbour)

8 months ago
Thanks! I've just read down the rabbit hole further, and that makes a lot more sense. For now I reckon I'll get as far as I can with the PEP badges, and then maybe in the future once I have more skills, I can work towards an Australian program.
8 months ago
Recipe definitely rough indeed! Had beef mince that had to be used up, and went out in the garden to get all of the other ingredients (bar garlic and onions already stored inside), but it was already dark, and I didn't bring a bowl with me so had to get everything in my hands....maybe not a typical stir fry, but it worked out!

- Beef mince
- Butter
- Salt
- Pepper
- Cumin
- Beetroot leaves
- Garlic
- Shallots
- Rice
- Beef stock (once the rice was added, figured it needed more flavour)
- Northeaster beans
- Green feast peas
- Kale
- Parsley

Rice cooking in a pot first (unfortunately didn't get a pic once the rice was done, or I could've doubled it with the stovetop rice BB!)

Ingredients needing processing

Prepping the garlic

Beans at the end of their growing time, so decided to take them out of the pods

All mixed up in the pan

Served up! Made three bowls worth