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since May 08, 2020
Just a chick that grew up in the country, went to the city and did her thing. Decided that was enough so she followed her heart back to her roots.
Fort Worth, TX
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Recent posts by Jenny Jones

John F Dean wrote:I just checked in a different town,  Name brand wide mouth quarts are $15.

That’s what we have in south Texas. We bought a lot when they were around $11. Then they went up to $14.
1 day ago
Hello there. Just recently moved and am in zone 8b. Property has some dwarf fruit trees and some are in a green house. Avocado is drying ( found out I’m not watering enough) and the  jujube is turning yellow. I’m finding it may need some fertilizer. I’ve never handled trees before and am still a novice gardener. Any advice is helpful. There are lemon, lime, barrette pears, red delicious apples, grapefruit, oranges to name a few.   I truly have no knowledge of pruning and fertilizer care. I did purchase an orchard book that is packaged somewhere I cannot find of course!

Any recommendations for books or sites that simplify this?

Thanks for any help.  
1 week ago

Judson Carroll wrote:.

I like this.
Saturday night at 24: Either getting dolled up on the one night I was child free just to come home disappointed in it all. The dating game was/is a real bummer.

Saturday night at 37: Freedom. No games. No expectations. Every night is Saturday night now and I’m grateful.
2 months ago

Jack Edmondson wrote:Caught this on the web recently.

Don't marry the one you love!  Marry the one whom loves you.  I have found that to be very true.

I’m trying to figure out why this one bugs me haha. It’s been on my mind since I came across it. I think being a compassionate person that has loved many, I always wanted them to just love me back. Obviously not healthy and never happened how I wanted it to. Thank goodness haha! But it makes me think, how does this work? Does this person loving you know you don’t love them as much, but they will do? Or are you saying it mostly will turn into you loving them more because you let them love you? I think maybe a good saying could be “ love the one that tolerates you the best”. Maybe you have more to add that will help clarify this if I misconstrued it.
3 months ago
Great post. This is the reason I loathe clothes shopping. Cannot find the fit. I wear mens 5-11 tactical pants and add to the inseam so they are high enough. My luscious booty and thighs need room but then the gap in the back…I could fit a small child.  I haven’t yet learned how to sew and taylor so if anyone has any tips or resources for that I would appreciate it.
Also thrift store mens button downs or pearls are a great find. Even mens merino wool socks are better and mens 5-11 boots work great!
4 months ago
How ironic the timing is. I’m slowing adding in homesteading skills and a grain mill has come up multiple times now in my homesteading group. I’m gluten free and hoping one day I can purchase real wheat and mill it myself in order to see if my gut can tolerate it.
This mill is a beauty!
7 months ago
Hi Brian. Could you go into more detail on who “your people” are? What type of folks do you hope to have around?
7 months ago
Instant pot for sure. Soak overnight and cook at 25 mins then natural release. Just perfect every time. I blend some for refried beans and freeze the rest for whatever.
7 months ago
I could have sworn I moosaged you! I'll send again.
11 months ago