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since May 08, 2020
Just a chick that grew up in the country, went to the city and did her thing. Decided that was enough so she followed her heart back to her roots.
Fort Worth, TX
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Recent posts by Jenny Jones

Jennifer Richardson wrote:What are the best natural/permaculture approaches (food, herbs, exercise, behavior, etc) for dealing with PTSD?

2 days ago

Jennifer Richardson wrote:What are the best natural remedies for cellulitis?

I've heard to massage cbd oil on the area.
2 days ago
Staying at a farm and haven't been affected until recently. Owners mom had an aneurysm then got covid in a rehab center. So this full house got exposed. Then comes ragweed season so do we all have covid or just the seasonal crud? That's been the hardest part.  Not knowing and not being able to get tested. All the appointments are booked. Yet, we are still working and carrying on.
I had to close my business due to covid which has left me a nomad. Still optimistic about my future permie life unraveling.

Great time to be away from the masses.
4 days ago
Instant pot! Saves me so much time.
Vitamix. A good blender vs fighting with cheap blender thanks!
That's all I have. I'm pretty cheap. haha.
5 days ago

Jen Fulkerson wrote:

This sounds like he is talking about the layering process of a hot compost. I read his post a got that idea.  Maybe I'm super ignorant about all this but from the research I did I found that this system was best and fastest. Even from my local food pantry.

Is hot composting a permies no no?
6 days ago
What do you do with your food scraps prior to building your first pile? (Besides freeze. No space available)
This system requires the first bin be completed in one step. Not a slow add of items. So, let's say the first pile has been turned to the next bin and I have a couple weeks to save up food scraps to start a new pile, do I save them in a bin on the side and let them start rotting?

Also, this was my first solo build. Pretty proud. Still adding the chicken wire.

Thanks for any suggestions.
6 days ago
You said it. Take that cash to the world of wally and get a prepaid cc. Use that online to buy seeds. Trades and donations are lovely also. Good luck and it's great to see a youngster interesting in gardening.
2 weeks ago
D was more catching and appealing to my eye. Then C second. Lovely pictures.
2 weeks ago
Checking in with you all. How are you? How are things? I'd love some updates.  Let me hear em!
2 weeks ago