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since May 08, 2020
Just a chick that grew up in the country, went to the city and did her thing. Decided that was enough so she followed her heart back to her roots.
Fort Worth, TX
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Recent posts by Jenny Jones

This is beautiful. You are a beautiful human. I will look at your website and explore. Thank you for what you do. Community is everything and I am craving to find "my people " in this world.

paul wheaton wrote:Here's a picture of "the dock" in the libarary where people spend time bonding with the internet:

and the bunks in the love shack:

haha thank you. Bonding with the internet would only be necessary if she had to do school. We could care less otherwise.

That bunk would be perfect.
1 month ago

paul wheaton wrote:Let's suppose that your daughter is going to come for a week of bootcamp with you - and she will be a lovely boot right by your side.   Then I think the thing to do is to pay the $120 for the two of you and come on out.   As a boot, we are pretty good at setting you up with a bunk if you want one - although it is not guaranteed.  The love shack is currently open.  

People that come for wwoof week will need to bring their own tent.  Boots are required to put in 40 hours per week, but wwoofers, by the stuff that wwoof publishes, are only required to work six hours per day.  So we tend to favor the boots.

Also, if your daughter is here when she needs to be in school - we do have a lovely spot that has wifi.  But if she is going to be here but not working as a boot (or wwoofer) then I would like to understand what sort of arrangement you propose.

Thank you for the quick response.I decided to take this opportunity with the way the world is going to get out of the city and expose myself and my kid to hard work, community and reward. My goal is to commit to 2 weeks and see how that goes. Being that we do not currently have a home and I run my business online, it should work and could work for longer term if all goes well. Yes I agree coming before the wwoof week sounds best so she wont have school work to do. I'll go ahead pay the bootcamp fee.
Thank you.

1 month ago

Jennifer Richardson wrote:Hi Jenny,

Have you read the bit in the FAQ about kids? Here it is:

We have had people with kids here and it has worked great.  And we have had people with kids here and it was a mess.  So I guess it thoroughly depends on you and your kids.

The first element to figure out:  With one person, there is 1 unit of work and 1 unit of resources consumed.   With a couple with three kids, there is one unit of work and 5 units of resources consumed.   We did have a lovely family of five here last year, and it worked great.  The deal they worked out was that they would provide all of the food for all five people.  The parents took really good care of the kids and the kids were super respectful.   It worked great.  
yes I'm aware of that post!

And we have had people that thought my house was "unsupervised child storage" and the children would destroy my house and the parents would say "yeah, kids do that - you should child proof your house."

So if we can work something out in this space so it is fair for everyone, we would love to have you both come out! (And we do have a library with internet access that is quiet most of the time).

Then the thing to figure out would be whether you would come during WWOOF week (which is limited only to that one week), or through the normal bootcamp program (which costs $100).

1 month ago
Paul,  I've been chatting with Nicole on Wwoofusa and there were a couple questions she wasn't sure of so I'll ask you here. We were discussing coming Aug 2 -16 to get our feet wet ( myself and 13 yr old daughter). She mentioned the WWOOF week starting Aug 16 and that it might be better for us. Only issue with that would be my kiddo starts virtual school that week.  Is there a quiet space for her to do computer work with internet?  She wouldn't be able to help as much during the day.  Also, what are the sleeping arrangements for 2 and do they differ depending on wwoof vs bootcamp?

Sorry for any repeat questions. I tried to find them on the thread but there are so many. Is there a search button in each thread?  I can't seem to find it..

Thank you!
1 month ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:Having lived in the desert all my life..

Pearl,  so much wonderful information. Thank you for sharing. And yes, you do look very cute!

2 months ago

Pearl Sutton wrote:I'm too tired to type it all again, so in a thread titled Clothing suggestions for hot humid sunny weather outdoor work
Aw I'm so sorry. I couldn't find a similar post. I'll go look for sure. Thank you for sharing it.

2 months ago
oh yes. Pearl Snaps from the thrift store. Perfect. Thank you.
I actually went to Goodwill and they truly had a very low stock.
2 months ago
Hello lovelies!

This is a newbie challenge I am coming across with women's farming attire.

I am wwoofing at a farm and love it! However, I am really trying to figure out the proper attire. I am using hiking boots and blue jeans, sunhats etc. The issue I have is when trying to order overalls, boots or anything new....due to the pandemic nothing is in stock.
Here is where I am seeking some guidance. What sites or stores are you using to buy your clothes and shoes? What are the best boots for farming in the Texas heat? What are the best long sleeve tops that breath?

Any suggestions for the following would help if you have any insight:

What chemical free bug spray do you use for the chiggers and bugs that work?
How do you keep a 13 year old that grew up in the city and not a fan of country life ( yet..I will always try to convince her) entertained or busy?

Thank you for sharing any information!

2 months ago