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Recent posts by Craig Mann

Hey Ellen, thanks for the positive remarks. Those rock steps built into the wall are amazing aren't they - likely 100 years old. Sometimes my back feels that age after a day's digging and hiking up them (who needs a gym), and so I'm looking for a younger man to join me on my venture in life. In case it wasn't obv we would both have to be gay for it to work ;) !

The no dig potato patch is cool isn't it? It's a cross between Ruth Stout and Raised Bed and it works. They have only been in for 8 weeks, the foliage is twice as high now. I had some rotting beams lying on a terrace of stony ground - nothing could grow there. So i separated the beams a yard apart, laid down old newspapers / cardboard inbetween and covered them with just 4 inches of good quality soil. Halved up seed potatoes were dropped on top, watered and covered in 10 inches of straw. After heavy rain when the hay / straw flattened, I added another 6-10 inch layer. That's it!

I haven't touched or watered them since, other than pulled out (so easy to do from straw mulch) the sprouts from the grass seeds in the mulch now and again. There have been high winds, no rain and temperatures in the mid-70s to 80f / 22c to 28c for the last month. But still they grow healthily.

Following your inquiry I just pulled back a handful of matted down mulch and beneath it found a beautiful potato ready to eat sitting on top of the damp soil right there!

6 months ago
I'm an older guy, SWM, in my early 60s, young in spirit and outlook, living on an off grid mountain farm in Catalonia, two hours south of Barcelona. I've lots of land and ideas and am looking for a younger man as a partner in life, with a good spirit and the energy, creativity and co-vision to help build a sustainable future. Height wise Im 178 cm and 75 kg, so sorta average - people say I'm a nice guy; kind, resourceful, loyal and intelligent.

I live in an old farmhouse, it's simple and small, but cozy and well fitted out. It has 1 meter thick walls and is nestled into ancient stone terraces over looking a fertile valley. Nearby is a caravan, fitted out as a guest / hangout / peace zone. The land around is spectacular, surrounded by forests and mountains with amazing walks and hikes, but it is generaly poor except for two or three acres in the valley bottom. Many vines, olive trees, fruit, and nuts grow here. For vegetables, there's straw bales and Ruth Stout permaculture plus any and many new ideas to try that you would like to put a hand to. The power is solar and I designed a water collection and filtration system that works(!), but also a well. Much more water needs collection to expand irrigation and permaculture ideas. All is possible with two guys planning and working to create an idyll.

Although the land is quiet and private (just deer, wild boar in the forests and the occasional hiker) the nearest village is just a 20 minute walk. You would likely be the last person to have taken the path each time you visit, even though the route is over 100 years old. No neighbours as far as the eye can see, just ancient olive terraces and vineyards, fringed with dry stone walls, holding back hazelnut groves and almonds, clumps of (Spanish) oak before giving way to pine and rocky peaks with stunning skies and sunsets.

In spring the meadows are lush and gorgeous. But dry out with no rain in the summer, so many opportunities to plan, build and encourage a better balance. The valley is blessed with cooling summer winds and low humidity, but just as fortunately the Mediterranean beaches are only half an hour away so the natural freedom, peace and productivity of the mountains can be interspaced by the beckoning blue sea when the sun reaches its summer zenith. It's a great life if you like peace, permaculture and practicality. All you need to bring is an open mind and willingness to work to build something better.

I hope I've given you an insight into my life and the potential so that it sparks your vision and interest. If so, please pm me about yourself and your ideals. I'll respond with all the detail you ask for, my email address and any personal or locational information
6 months ago