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Recent posts by Zeph Mullins

I have always had a hard time growing perennial vegetables at the right scale for our farm. I have found that in the spaces that they occupy are great sinks for organic matter and food scraps that would otherwise need to be tossed and turned in a compost area. So if you can find a space to dedicate to perennials remember to stack that space's functions. Keeping it functional even in times of low yield tends to make it worthwhile in the end.
3 months ago
Hi Owen, we are in Zone 8 Southeast Texas with roughly 45+ inches of rain per year and heavy soils. Historically my area was coastal prairie and though the years trees from timber industry or otherwise imported have taken place of this. I have been interested in planting more "useful" trees in my landscape but after learning the historical information of my specific bioregion I am interested in stacking the functions of prairie/meadow into my design potentials as well. I want to get started on identifying species (besides sedges and bahia) and hope to receive your book What other resources would you suggest to look into?
5 months ago
We incorporate cover crops into our small scale farm. This is one blog article we wrote about using Crimson Clover as a cover crop through the winter here in Southeast Texas (zone 8b) We also use a wide variety of seeds as cover crops to help with soil creation and diversity. Some of the covers we are currently using are mustard, brassica mixes, diakon radish, crimson white and red clovers, peas, cowpeas, and we broadcast a wide variety of herb and flower seeds in these mixes also.

6 months ago