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I'm new to gardening especially corn. I have stalks growing but they keep bending over. No roots showing though I will be adding soil as I've read today that may help. They are planted in blocks but seem too small to support each other. I put two cords to help the most out rows stay closer. Should I steak the corn? I have about 20ft long by 4 ft wide and they are in short rows so about 15  4 ft long rows. About 4-6 stalks each. I have the cords to help support running the length. Should I put some running the width or individual supports?
I have a giant can of black olives and I want to can them into smaller jars.
Help!! As of now I only have the ability to water bathe. Can I water bathe black olives
this way and if so what is the recipe and if not what is the pressure cooking recipe?
I'm learning so any info is helpful. Thanks  
8 months ago
Lemon will repel ants. You can slice it and just it along the opening and it should deter them. If the space will be dry then maybe DE to help with anything that has an exoskeleton. Good luck
8 months ago
I like the hydro cups in theory because of allowing for the roots to be able to grow past the pot. Seems like a nice idea
I was lucky enough to find a copy of rhe 50th anniversary editiin in like new condition for less then 20 dollars on Half Price Books!!! Over 900 pages of info and there are websites included for even further information!! I discovered this book on here so I just wanted to share the joy!!!
James i think I will do alot more of the cups and make holes instead. Ty
"The styrofoam boxes are seed planting trays sold at a garden supply place. Egg carton sections are much too small to be useful for planting seeds. Seeds' vulnerable new roots might dry out in less than one day."

I just asked about Styrofoam egg cartons. I had success however when transplantes them today the soil was very wet even though i had a slit in each one. My tomatoes and peppers were 100% my lettuce and cucumber had a rodent attack however I still had successes. Why would they be so wet which is the opposite of your experience? I'm learning so advice is welcome ty
I'm new and used Styrofoam egg cartons to start some seeds. I had a good turn out however when I transplanted into yogurt cups they were very wet even though each cup had a slit in it. Is this a possible issue? Is this a benefit? Do I adjust watering? Do I make an actual hole? Should I just start in yogurt cups and nix the egg cartons? I'm Learning so all suggestions welcome. Ty
This is a harvest from today. All are from a planting 2 years ago. I'm slowly reclaiming that space. Just excited to share a small spaces bounty there was about 20 plants beginning to grow maybe 6inches was the tallest one. So cool!!
8 months ago
When you mentioned the nuts it reminded me that walnuts were used by a friend of mine to mimic ground meat in a vegan reciepe. It wasn't meaty but was good so I could imagine them mixing well with meat.
Has anyone tried jackfruit? Its a popular vegan meat substitute. I've never tried but maybe it and mushrooms are food fillers.
8 months ago