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since Apr 28, 2020
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born 1974 as a rice farmers daughter married to a German with Aquaponics experiences. Plan: our 29 acre permaculture farm incl aquaponics greenhouse and worldwide collected fruit trees... and lots more
Chon Buri Thailand Zone 11-12
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Recent posts by Srikham Hesenius

Hi all,

slowly I am getting hang to this forum and the replies are way better quality than in many other "smacktalk" forums.

As I posted already in my introduction, since I met my husband Will I converted from a rice farmer's daughter into a sophisticated Aquaponics farmer plus he had all time to teach me and my nephews a lot about smart farming (permaculture, food jungles) and gave me a great budget for ordering fruit tree seeds from all around the world.

Long we were arguing why he wants to buy a by monoculture destroyed land with 4500 rubber trees, but as he started to go into aggressive negotiations with the owner who is running broke and he has the price down to almost the half.
And I finally understood where he was focusing on.
Mainly having mulch in abundance by chopping all the rubber trees to revive the land became clear to me.

But as he smarted me up over the years I also did my homework and I have now my mind sometimes going my own way.

Instead of chopping all the rubber trees, it would be in my opinion better leaving a major part for the first 3-4 years making only space for our worldwide fruit tree collection and using the rest of the rubber trees as a trellis for Passion fruits.
approx 20 acre could be "saved" this way and slowly smothered by the vines plus providing a great cash flow of Passion fruits.

Off cause I would have to give them a good start with proper fertilized plant holes and may be planting a ground cover with legumes but I see in this idea a kind of natural conversion from monoculture to food forest even using an uncommon pioneer plant.

We will need time to slowly change the rubber orchard as 29 acre can't be done in one year but I have a feeling that this would be a great win - win situation.

Passion fruits are relatively short lived and if they have finally killed the rubber trees, we have reached our target by having even a better mulch mixture than only chopping and shredding the rubber trees.

Before I confront Will with this crazy idea I would like to ask around here how do you think about this?



5 days ago
Hi again,

after the seeder my Will scares the living cr*p out of me as he introduced his new design of a wood chipper.

The subject above (10 Finger to spend) is actually wrong because 6 years ago he was building a flywheel chipper (or how its called) which is still commercially in use by my cousin and he makes a good coin with it.
Beside it can chop easy 6-10" branches and trees it makes a noise that the windows vibrating and for 4280 US$ after all "Lessons learned" have been erased and improved it was not considerable a bargain at all.

But it works and many people have been stunned abut the ideas included. Knifes from leaf springs of a Truck is just one feature..

Now he wants to build a silent chipper and I fear we end up with a worth of a new car when he is ready.
Has somebody any suggestions or even drawings available and is willing them to share?

His drawing is looking not bad but I fear that he will end up 3 times over the planed budget again even it might last a life time..
He still has the 2nd option in mind to build a similar fly wheel chipper with that my cousin now makes a living from instead. (Outch, that one is really LOUD)

6 days ago
Hi all,

as mentioned in my other tread my husband and me are since February separated due to COVID. I am at home in Thailand and he is on a wind farm project in Taiwan.
But nevertheless we have daily contact and main subject is our for end of 2021 planned food jungle.

He is a hands on grafter and before he is buying any equipment off the shelf he disappears for days in his workshop, annoys the neighbors with hammering, grinding and welding and builds the equipment in a quality that lasts a life long.

We have since weeks a discussion about a must have seed roller from Jang which seems for me one of the best on the market but my Will seeds only a fiddly, weak and breaking easy piece of thin sheet metal on wheels.
In his "Made in Germany" mind it has to be build solid and artillery proofed..
So he came up with a drawing how he sees things and I fear this will be a 50 pound piece of solid steel pushed through the beet rows.
No doubts, what he builds is always functional and highest quality but when the receipts from the different stores are falling afterwards in my hand, well it costs a weeny bit more than a store bought copy (as he calls them)

has anyone ever built a functional seed roller and if yes, would you share the drawing with me, just to impress him with a counterfeit of his design where I still miss some details like measures for example before a bicycle size roller for may be 2000$ is leaving his workshop after he returns.
6 days ago
Considering that most Pine Seeds (Nuts) are edible and most have even an absolute delicious taste you could inoculate them with Truffle Spawns.
Into a healthy mixed forest they are either a must have.

1 week ago
OK, I have one more.

You know you are a permie when COVID separated you and your husband for more than one year...

...and you still discuss in your emails if the own design of a hand seeder
and a DIY wood chipper made with knifes out of a leaf spring for a truck
would be lasting a lifetime compared to the ones you can buy online?

(Actually it would be a great Topic to discuss with all of you before my husband returns and disappears for weeks in his workshop. Where to post this?)  

But actually it made us laughing yesterday as this discussion is already ongoing for weeks.
I want to order online and he is the engineer who love to improve things and making them by himself.
COVID separation and life crisis? I don't think we have, we are way to busy planning our farm and the equipment to use... (and control the jungle I made out of our backyard seen in the former post here, OOPS!)
1 week ago
You are a permie when you live in a rented place and have made the perfect Plan and set up a perfect farm concept for end of 2021 on a 29 acre plot.
...just to realize, that all the little trees from the seeds you ordered worldwide proving that you have the green thumb and turning your backyard into a thick impenetrate able jungle way too early.
1 week ago
Cheers Garrett,

I have contacted them a few weeks ago and unfortunately they do not ship to Thailand.

Beside this, we have the bad experience that soilless shipments were all dead at arrival as the Customs need their time for approvals.

The only way are to get hands on some seeds.
1 week ago
Hi elle,

great story which I can only confirm.

As offspring of a rice farmer's family we had to be self sustaining and so my dad has pigs, chicken and guinea fowls.

But for many reasons.

First of all it's the protection of other livestock as you told with raccoons.
Many might not believe me with how much pleasure they devour a small snake or even a Cobra.
Our Guinea fowls giving the alarm and the pigs hear only food is coming and in no time they chewing the snake or other animal up just between rooting and tilling.
(I know it's nothing wrong with snakes but how to stop the pigs?)

Then the pigs are the first we let into the harvested garden plots.
They start immediately with the tilling job and they are the masters in it.
The Chickens follow to close the holes the pigs created.
We use (Translated from Thai) Myanmar Whitetails for this Job.
They are huge, have strong Legs and a good Kickback to move Dirt (They are well known in Thailand as Fighting Cocks, but don't worry we don't do this)
and last follow up is Dad, equals the soil a little more and continues with the next crop.

This way we are working since I was a little child.
We use always sows as we made the experience that boars with the coming age starting getting grumpy old man who are quickly annoyed by everything from playing kids to barking dogs and tend to rule them up their way.
The scar on my leg from its tusk I got with 5 years and its still visible.
1 week ago
Hi all,

I have since almost 8 years one tree on my most wanted list which I never got hold on.

The tropical white Oak Tree (Quercus Insignis)

If anyone can get hold on Acorns please remember me and drop me a note.

I live in Thailand hence it need to be seeds as live trees won't pass the customs.

Thanks whoever can help me here

1 week ago