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Salem OR
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Recent posts by Benjamin Wilt

I've been looking at Diamond Piers as a foundation alternative in my neck of the woods..
Instead of a helix, it uses metal tubes jackhammered into a sputnik-like configuration through a central cement pier.
It requires very little excavation, looks really simple to install. Might not be the right tool for the job, but good to have in your toolbox!
2 months ago
After wearing chacos for years I got totally sold on Bedrocks- they have a flip flop front with heel strap, and a much more neutral, comfortable footbed than other sandals, imo.
Def on the pricier side, but as they say about buying nice things-it only hurts once...
3 months ago
Hey there,
As a young carpenter, that wants to be an old carpenter, my go to is-
If it's dusty, wear a mask. Particularly with anything that is rot resistant(Cedar, yew, tropical hardwoods, etc.) PT and cement fiberboard require a proper mask.
If it smells bad, wear a respirator. VOCs will make you sick quick. The lower VOC products can by used in well ventilated areas pretty safely.
Wear gloves when finishing, your skin is the biggest organ, and touching your face, going to the bathroom, etc can spread whatever you're working with. Same goes with PT lumber.
Most wood/hide glues are pretty innocuous, but the other stuff they put in osb/ply is there because it kills things. Epoxy and other synthetics may require a respirator.
Keep it safe and keep cutting!
3 months ago