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Sunflower Rogers

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since Apr 12, 2020
Just a girl, in love with getting dirt under her nails and restoring the earth.
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The nice thing about a temporary structure, if you decide to go that route, is that it can become so many other things later.  Guest house, play house, workshop, apothecary, the list goes on and on.  So when you are writing out all of your options and laying out all the pros and cons, consider the long term benefits of any and all possible assets, present and future.
You may also want to consider:
-educational workshops
-something akin to air bnb experiences (people come out and pay to learn to do something or experience something)

Best of luck!!

1 week ago
I usually caution against essential oils as they can irritate and are pretty intense volatile oils.  My recipe for medium brown hair is a mix of 90/10 cornstarch and cocoa I add brown rice flour in the summer months. I use it sparingly and I brush it through with a boar hair brush before i add the powder and after.
2 weeks ago
Hi there!

I just sent y'all a legitimate e-mail but I wanted to pop in here as well.  This sounds like an awesome opportunity you are offering and a really fun project!

Be Well,

Hi there!  

I found this link to a website about Peach Production in Texas awhile back and thought it seemed pretty legit.  Considering that Fredricksburg has such great success growning yummy peaches I thought there had to be some varieties that I could grow around the San Antonio area, but I just wasn't ready this year so I will pass this onto you!

Best of luck!  Let me know if you find this helpful and I would love to keep up with your progress if you do decide to plant a variety or two.

Be Well,

P.S. This article is from 1998 so it is possible that our Central Texas climate has changed a bit, but I believe they mention chilling next to the varieties so that may be helpful.
2 weeks ago
This sounds like an awesome project!  You've got some good ideas, and I would be interested to see what happens once you get started.  Best of luck to you!
3 weeks ago
Are we limited to the herbs listed in the original post?  Like can I make salves tinctures etc from a different herb than  what is listed?
4 weeks ago
OOH!  I am excited to work on this PEP Badge!  This is my jam!
4 weeks ago
I really like what you are doing! I am looking for my next step and have some experience and a lot of ideas when it comes to working on restoring land.  I would be interested in discussing more details and exchanging ideas if you are still looking.  I am not local, but willing and ready to relocate.
4 weeks ago
Hi there,

I am looking for a landshare/tenet farming kind of situation.  I have lots of ideas and projects just sitting in my head until I find a way onto some land - either my own or not. Some of my interests are in regenerative organic farming and native and medicinal nursery, food forestry, repairing riparians and conservation of endangered plant species.  I would like to discuss more about what you are looking for in detail, maybe share some thoughts.  If you are still in need of help, maybe we can help eachother.
4 weeks ago