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since Apr 08, 2020
Interested in breeding landraces, hybridizing plants for more diversity. Sometimes drop extra seeds in spots to see what grows.
PA, zone 6a
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Seeds from the cross finished drying this morning. Figured I would do a side by side comparison with the parents.
Top is the parents - pimpinellifolium and habrochaites, bottom is the child.

Seed from the F1 seems a bit of a brownish color I suppose, not quite like habrochaites. Seed size is slightly smaller than the pimpinellifolium, but not much of a difference.
Only put a few seeds from each out for display, they are annoying to put back into the air tight containers I have them in.

Top seeds look a bit odd because I actually fermented both parents together, probably bits of paper stuck as well.
22 hours ago

Stacie Kim wrote:

Brian Vraken wrote:This should be a simple question, but Google has given me both 'yes' and 'no' answers, depending where I look.

I'm looking to plant both a C.pepo and C.maxima in my garden this year, with an eye to saving seed. However, I'd like to know if they are going to cross polinate and give me unpredictable results. If not, I may restrict myself to only the C.pepo this year.

Thanks for any help!

I Is your growing season long enough to grow them consecutively rather than spontaneously? Or at least space out the planting times so they aren't blooming at the same time? Or hand pollinate a blossom then screen it off so it is isolated?

Seems like they are in zone 5b Canada, so probably not - would be a bit of a stretch.
1 week ago
Inside of a possibly ripe cross. Seems to be turning white rather than yellow. In between habrochaites fruit size and the pimpinellifolium size. The hairs rubbed off easily, some came off before it was fully ripe. One fruit I tasted from the plant had no taste - this one was a bit sour.
1 week ago
Its a yes, but it almost definitely wont happen. Probably the reason you are finding yes and no answers. The main worry is same species crossing.
If you did get a hybrid between any of these, you would have something rare and people here may be interested in them for moving traits not found in one species to the other - a sweeter storage squash for example, resistance to certain climates, more or less dryland adaptations. If anything does manage to cross later on, you can use old seed from a previous year if you really wanted.

An exception might be Tetsukabuto an F1 cross between a maxima and a moschata. There are some other hybrids out there as well, but this one is easier to obtain.
1 week ago
I got the Neandermato and the Panamorous tomatoes. The Wildling seems quite nice as it is probably all descended from wilds and elites. The others also look promising.
I get a good bit of blight towards the end of my season, so selection for resistant traits should be fairly easy. I might select away from red tomatoes and more towards orange, yellow or "cream" colored.
I might select out a few tasty - disease resistant cherry-currant types for a separate project. Still selecting for the same things as in "Beautifully Promiscuous and Tasty Tomato Project" in this. I might add in anthocyanin traits, striping from black vernissage, upper green variegation from habrochaites. Stems on my F1 between a habrochaites(not Neandermato, just a random accession) and pimpinellifolium have purple streaks on the stems. The habrochaites had the same streaking, so I may select for that as well for a wild ornamental type trait. Leaves and everything else look fine so it isn't a deficiency in anything. Having cherry tomatoes in clusters sticking out from the plant would probably be easier to find/collect than usual.
Thanks for distributing these!
1 week ago
The Denver perennial ground cherry is a cold hardy perennial, so that narrows it down a bit. P. Virginiana - Longifolia - Hybrids, all can easily be confused.
1 week ago
I was going through bookmarked seed pages, I went back to Amishlandseeds which closed last year. Turns out they reopened. I'm not seeing beans, ground cherries etc - but I am seeing two melons or so, some tomatoes pepper. Didn't want to make a huge post about it, so figured I would put it here.
1 week ago
EFN's Facebook says "over 100 new items" so that sounds promising. Suppose they had more time to collect seed and everything this year.
2 weeks ago
For now I made a wish list. I am still waiting until January 5th for the Experimental Farm Network to reopen as well. So not in a hurry, might order from both on the same day.
2 weeks ago
Thanks, I have been waiting for their return. Was getting worried because December is almost over and still no updates. Going to browse and see if there is anything new as well. They have a lot of harder to find runner beans and other such things.

Edit: They aren't accepting new order apparently. "Still a few days" according to the notice. Suppose I could fill up a cart and hopefully it saves. Taking screenshot of my cart either way.
2 weeks ago