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I've been noticing stiffness in my feet. They were becoming more painful to walk on, and especially near the joints, were tender to the touch. I do not have a diagnosis of arthritis, so this certainly may be due to something else. My diet consists mainly of fruit, vegs, and meat, with some rice and garbanzo bean products (hummus, noodles). Doing more to change my diet was not on the top of my list, so I tried a therapy that seemed to really make an immediate difference, called TRT, or Tissue Regenerative Therapy.  Here's a quote about it:  "During a TRT treatment high energy sound waves are delivered to painful, injured, or degenerated areas of the body. This stimulates healing and tissue regeneration. During this process blood circulation is improved and stem cell activity is initiated to enhance the body’s ability to heal and regenerate damaged tissue."
I'm enthused to try it again! The practitioner had me walk around between getting the left and right foot done. The one that had been treated felt almost like rubber, it was so flexible!
That said, I do feel that there would be a variety of herbs, etc. that would also be of help. I will look into ideas posted here if needed!
1 month ago
My favorite winter driving experience was while my hubby was driving our 2wd Civic on a mountain road. Just puttin' along, enjoying the beauty. Came upon a guy in a jacked-up Chevy truck with big wide (no tread) street tires stuck in the soft snow. He was sorta upset, what with his babe on the seat next to him and all. Stopped to ask if they needed a hand. He kept sizzling the tires, not going anywhere. I suggested he use his atv loading racks to get traction, which worked at the expense of the racks. He said, "I'm no city boy...I know how to drive in the snow!" That was the last we saw of them...we quietly eased away in our tiny 2wd car, chuckling at the situation!
2 months ago
What a great idea! I'm currently deep into two projects which would be lovely to continue to focus on for the next week and a half...first, we are moving onto a friend's land. This entails getting our living quarters finished up (24ft trailer and a 17ft retired bread van), and our remaining belongings sorted and packed, so the house canbe put on the market. So far, I've gone through the kitchen (except the fridge), the closets, and my clothing. After being settled in our current home for 20+ years, there's a LOT to go through!!
The second project is a quest to breed Black Soldier Fly larvae! I purchased my first lot; they grew up and crawled off to get ready to hatch into flies. At that point, I had the option of letting them hibernate until warmer spring weather came, or keep some of them indoors to see what happens...I chose the latter! Found a mesh clothes hamper to start them in, and gave them a 3" layer of leaf mulch to burrow into. After a day or two, I noticed them moving. Fed them bananas until they stopped eating (4 days or so), then kept the mulch damp and waited, and watched! A week later, I found 2 flies hatched! Then, like popcorn, they exploded! I currently have around 100 flies, and was able to see several pairs breeding. They're slowing down their movements now, so am waiting for them to die off, and see if the females laid eggs that grow into larvae. There are many yellow spots on the sides of the mesh, so they may be eggs. If no eggs were laid, I still have the rest of the batch to hatch out when it warms up.
I really like reading about the projects you others are immersed in! Brings me back to the reality that life is more than the current unrest...
4 months ago
I've been discovering the joys of Black Soldier Fly Larvae! If I were President, every household would be required to not only have a bin of these little chompers, but would also be required to work out larvae-style 5 days per week. out fly-style, if you prefer (mate & lay eggs (or egg substitute)).
6 months ago