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since Mar 25, 2020
7th-generation Texan, 40-year Utah immigrant. Practicing permaculture principles (mostly by trial and error) for 10 years. Enjoy tending my chickens. Helping build a 250-family modern homesteading/permaculture community.
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Bethany, the equine therapy barn has been planned from the beginning of our project for the community's "downtown" area.
It will have to be privately funded and operated, as will the other 6 special projects (K-12 school, child rescue center, young mothers' home, etc.).
The co-op will provide all 7 special projects with land and water.
You certainly would be welcome to visit when it's up and running!
4 months ago

Bethany Fancher wrote:This is fascinating, do you know of other transition towns starting? I’m not ready to be in Utah , I’m in Tennesssee.


Once Riverbed Ranch (the Utah OSR Land Co-op) is self-governing, we'll likely build another in Idaho, then likely Arizona, then Alberta, Canada, and Wyoming.
Assuming the USA is still functional, of course.  
4 months ago

These communities have started up projects in areas of food, transport, energy, education, housing, waste, arts etc. as small-scale local responses to the global challenges of climate change, economic hardship and shrinking supplies of cheap energy. Together, these small-scale responses make up something much bigger, and help show the way forward for governments, business and the rest of us.
Really, it's the opposite of us sitting in our armchairs complaining about what's wrong, and instead, it's about getting up and doing something constructive about it....

The point of my earlier post, which was moved elsewhere, was to contribute an option in addition to transitioning existing towns into sustainable, oil-free communities.
That other option is to create new towns from the ground up where everyone lives off-grid, growing all their own food sans pesticides, fetching their own water from wells, and producing all their own power without being dependent on oil.

4 months ago
Building a Transition Town from the Ground Up!


In case you're unaware, over 1 million Americans own their homes through housing cooperatives, saving thousands of dollars. Also, nearly 2 million American farmers are member-owners in over 2,000 agricultural cooperatives, which offer them wider markets and cost savings. Our modern homesteading community combines both for double the benefits for families looking to live off-grid and off-oil.


The Riverbed Ranch is a 250-family, online-but-off-grid, modern homesteading community located in Utah. The community is for families that are determined to live a more self-reliant / self-sustaining lifestyle.
Most of the families that join our community join for one of these reasons:

1. To live a lifestyle independent of mortgage, power, and water bills.

2. To live a healthier lifestyle, eating pesticide-free food and breathing clean air.

3. For safety, either from things now, or things that may come down the road.

4. To create a place where their family can all live, learn and work together.


Your $20,000 gets you:

1. Two acres at the Riverbed Ranch modern homesteading community (you get a land cooperative's equivalent of a title, it's called a “proprietary occupancy agreement” and can be bought and sold). Over 1 million Americans own their land and homes through land co-ops.

2. Two acre-feet of water rights (that's 651,702 gallons of well water a year),

3. A vote in the cooperative,

4. Opportunity for group purchases of products and services needed to build your homestead.

5. Opportunity to sell your products and services through the co-op,

6. First stab at job openings within the cooperative, and

7. The opportunity to spearhead the creation of sub-cooperatives to provide jobs and goods and services to the co-op members and/or outside customers.

8. To live around 249 other families who are determined to live self-reliantly.


The Utah OSR Land Cooperative's Riverbed Ranch modern homesteading community will feature:

• High-speed fiber optic Internet by our partner Beehive Broadband,

• A K-12 school, and other community services (listed below).

• A future BMX bicycle course for kids to enjoy,

• A greenbelt area running up the middle of the community, including a hiking trail, honeybee-friendly trees and bushes, a road, and maybe someday, a creek.

• An RV and camping park. This way, shareholders who so choose can live in the RV park while building out their homestead. And later, guests can stay and enjoy the community.

• Co-op store for importing and exporting goods.


Similar to an industrial park, the Utah OSR Land Cooperative has set aside 40 acres for the following

privately owned and operated services (which will likely all be staffed by local residents):

1. Academy of Self-Reliance higher-learning campus, including a ropes course.

2. The OSR K-12 campus,

3. Assisted Living / Retirement Home

4. Whole Health / Life Coach clinic

5. Child Rescue Home

6. Young Mothers Home

7. Equine / Canine Therapy Barn


• Watch a intro webinar here:

schedule to attend one of our tours.
4 months ago
Samuel, curious how your project is coming along.
You have a location yet?
9 months ago
Jessi, I have the same question!

Though, about 16 years ago I dug a swale at the back-end of my property for a non-permaculture purpose and haven't planted anything either in the bottom or on the top.
Interestingly, along the bottom have grown up a bunch of volunteer trees.  Guessing birds dropped the seeds and they've spread from there.
Figure they're my firewood storage "on the hoof" so to speak.

9 months ago
Not sure what you want to know about the land itself, so...
- We grew a 5 acre test crop of hemp this last year. Grew great.
- Have had the soil tested and it's great for agriculture, we just need to soak it deep with water twice a season to prevent it from getting caked.
- The picture with the purple flowers is on the property,
- The photo of the wild horses could easily have been on our property as we've had to shoe them away several times. The photo is a stock photo and was probably shot within 50 miles of our land.

Yes, it's dry, (most of the Western US is!) but that's why every shareholder will be given 2 acre-feet of water rights and will need to drill their own well. The local well-drilling family that's been around for ages told us there's enough water in our little valley that we could drill a well every 50' if we wanted (we don't).

There are actually three pivots (the large circular irrigation arms) on the property. The northern end will be the co-op's agricultural sector, and the residential section with the 2-acre plots will be the bottom half.
9 months ago


- We've hired the country's foremost agricultural cooperative attorney.
- We've organized the Utah OSR Land Cooperative as an agricultural co-op under Title 3 of the Utah Code.
- We put a 1,245 acre piece of land on Riverbed Ranch Road under a lease-option contract and have paid up the lease through Nov. 2021.
- We're reconditioned 4 of the 5 wells on the property. One produces over 1,200 gallons a minute.
- We currently have 30 active shareholders who are designing their passive solar homes and their 2-acre homesteads.
- Several shareholders are ready to begin building this Spring.
- We've organized an educational non-profit, the Academy of Self-Reliance, to help families gracefully transition from a lifestyle of dependencies in the city (for food, water, power, etc.) to a modern homesteading lifestyle surrounded by neighbors working to do the same.

To see if this is of interest:

1. Watch this 24 minute intro video titled, "Preparedness is Much More Than Just Food Storage" (it's from a preparedness perspective).
2. Then, if still interested, watch this hour-long presentation titled, "Operation Self-Reliance - Creating a Modern Homesteading Community".
3. Then, you can watch the two videos on this page at the Academy of Self-Reliance About page (which are just longer, more-detailed versions of the previous video).

If you're still interested, message me.

9 months ago